Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines: All you want to know

Indiana Parenting guidelines

Both parents love their children very much and are always ready to take responsibility for the child happily and willingly. After having a lot of discussion and planning, they decide to have a family. But, due to some unfortunate circumstances, the parents decide to separate and get divorced. At that time the custody of the … Read more

How to teach babies to crawl/rollover

crawl beside your baby

Crawling is a very important part of a baby’s development. Whenever a baby begins to crawl, it shows that the motor skills are developing properly in the baby’s brain and the baby has developed coordination skills of hand, legs, and eye. Some babies crawl at an early age and some do crawl at a later … Read more

How to help your baby say Bye bye to bottles

How to help your baby say Bye bye to bottles

The babies usually have the habit to get attached to the feeding methods that are used for them right from the time of birth. If the baby is breastfed, they tend to get attached to it. If the babies are bottle fed, they are attached to their bottles and in both the cases, they are … Read more

Baby massage: How to give a good massage to keep your baby healthy

baby massage

Giving a good massage to your baby has always been recommended by the doctors and also by our elders. It is not only elders, who need a good massage when they are tired, but, babies also need a good massage. Actually, babies should be given a good massage daily before bath and before bed time. This helps strengthen baby’s muscles, helps in soothing the baby’s colic tummy, helps in strengthening the baby’s bones and above all helps in bonding well with your child. This also helps in the early development of babies developmental stages like crawling and walking. You can start giving massage to the baby anytime after you bring your little one home from the hospital. In order to give good baby massage, there are few things to be kept in mind. These things are as follows

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3 tips on how to potty train kid in one week

how to potty train kid in one week

When it comes to potty training your kid, we all start dreading it. We foresee that this whole event will be filled with a lot of crying and fussing. It will take a lot of time and will have a lot of accidents, and a huge amount of after cleanup in the whole house. But, what if all this will not happen and what if the potty training sessions actually become fun with your kid without any accidents and spill ups? Than that would be fun. What if you potty train kid in one week ? Kids can be potty trained in one week also. First and the foremost look for the signs that a kid is ready for getting potty trained. Second, get a good and comfortable potty for the kid. Then start the whole process. Here is how to potty train a child in one week

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