Johnson & Johnson Cotton Touch Newborn Baby massage oil Review

Johnson & Johnson Cotton touch Newborn baby massage oil

When a newborn is born, his or her skin is very delicate. Most of the time you are advised not to use any products like oil, lotion, or baby powder on your little munchkin’s skin. But, after a few days, you will see that your baby’s skin becomes dry and flaky and the doctor will … Read more

10 Best Baby Massage Oils You Should Use For Your Gem

know which oils are best for your baby massage

There are a lot of benefits of giving a good massage to the baby. If a baby gets a good and appropriate massage, it helps in developing the baby’s mortar skills and physical abilities. It also helps in relaxing a baby during sleeping time and helps in developing a good sleeping pattern. But, for this, it … Read more

Baby massage: How to give a good massage to keep your baby healthy

baby massage

Giving a good massage to your baby has always been recommended by the doctors and also by our elders. It is not only elders, who need a good massage when they are tired, but, babies also need a good massage. Actually, babies should be given a good massage daily before bath and before bed time. This helps strengthen baby’s muscles, helps in soothing the baby’s colic tummy, helps in strengthening the baby’s bones and above all helps in bonding well with your child. This also helps in the early development of babies developmental stages like crawling and walking. You can start giving massage to the baby anytime after you bring your little one home from the hospital. In order to give good baby massage, there are few things to be kept in mind. These things are as follows

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