Stellar lesson plan for homeschooling

Stellar lesson plan for homeschooling CC0 Licensed Image Courtesy of Pexels

You can really accelerate learning and make it fun if you create a stellar lesson plan when you decide to homeschool. Just getting dates and schedules right can be a little overwhelming. But it must also stay fun and engaging. Here are some expert tips to help get you started at home.

Develop a Basic Schedule

It’s essential that you develop a basic schedule around core subjects. These include English, Math, and Science. However, this can vary based on the needs of your children. It helps to determine the number of each lesson you want. Perhaps your kids understand science (here) than math. In this case, it can be a challenge to decide whether to offer more of the subject they love to reinforce it. Or more of the subject they find complex to help get them through it.

Break It All Down

When you have decided what subject you want to include in your curriculum, you then need to break lessons down into smaller pieces. For example, a sixteen-chapter subject must be spread over the course of the school year. But there are also semesters. So, you must divide a subject into eight chapters per semester. However, it could be the case that there are no chapters. When this happens, you can try to break a subject down based on the lesson or page amounts.

Create a Stellar Lesson Plan with Software

Apps are excellent for almost anything these days. And you can help your homeschooling with planning software. These can help you transfer all your plans into one easy-to-use app on your phone or computer. Some of the best software for homeschooling and homework include My Lesson Planner, Homeschool Panda, and Cozi. But you can also use generic and free apps like Google Calendar and Windows Calendar. But it really comes down to your personal preference.

Include Interactive Entertainment

There are many ways to learn and teach. And letting your kids engage with videos, audio, and even video games can supercharge their brains because of the associated fun. With 3 million videos per day, there is a large chunk designated for kids learning on YouTube. And YouTibe even offers YouTube Kids. This is a sanitized version of YouTube aimed at child-friendly content. Much of which is educational. Recommendations include PBS Kids, BrainPOP, and TED-Ed.

Stir Up Excitement for Field Trips

You don’t need to keep your kids inside when homeschooling. With homeschooling comes greater freedom that educational establishments don’t have. This presents more opportunities to get the kids out and about to learn and play. This includes physical exercise and education. But you can also use the outside time to explore science and nature. Or even mathematical statistics by noting the colors of passing cars that go by each hour to make boring stuff fun.


It can be a challenge to create a stellar lesson plan when homeschooling kids. However, try to develop a schedule, use planning software, and get the kids out and about to learn new things.