10 Best Baby Massage Oils You Should Use For Your Gem

There are a lot of benefits of giving a good massage to the baby. If a baby gets a good and appropriate massage, it helps in developing the baby’s mortar skills and physical abilities. It also helps in relaxing a baby during sleeping time and helps in developing a good sleeping pattern. But, for this, it is also necessary that you know which oils are best for your baby massage. The baby oils can be used depending on the following factors:

  • Baby oils that give a good effect in different seasons
  • Skin sensitivity of babies

Here are some tips on how to know which oils are best for your baby massage

Best Baby Massage Oils

Baby Massage Oils

Before trying or putting anything on your baby, it is recommended that you test it by putting a small amount on your baby’s elbow or feet. If your baby develops a rash, then do not apply that product to your baby’s body.

Baby Massage Oils for Summer

There are some baby oils which are really good for massage in summer they are as follows

Coconut oil

Coconut oil is very light and gets absorbed into the skin of babies very easily. It gives a cooling effect to the baby’s body in the scorching heat of summer. It is also highly therapeutic for the sensitive skin of the baby.

Cocobelle Pure and Gentle premium coconut oil
Cocobelle pure and gentle coconut oil

Perfect for Dry Skin, Eczema, Scalp/Cradle Cap, Bottom Balm, Nappy Rash Balm, Sores, Flaky Skin & Baby Massage Oil

  • It is 100 percent organic pure and gentle extra virgin coconut oil.
  • It is completely natural and 100% free from chemicals.
  • The product is good for dry skin, eczema, cradle cap, flaky skin, and nappy rash.
Viva Naturals organic extra virgin coconut oil
viva natural organic coconut oil

Cold-pressed from fresh, organic coconuts

  • It is cold-pressed from fresh coconuts.
  • It provides deep nutrient-rich hydration to the skin and the scalp, which helps in hair growth and keeping your skin hydrated. Hence, is very good for baby massage oil.

Sesame oil

Sesame seeds or better known as til in India are really healthy and good to be used in baby massage. It provides strength to the bones of the baby and the muscles of the baby.

It is recommended to use black sesame seed oil.

Banyan Botanical sesame seed oil
Banyan botanical sesame seed oil

Certified Organic, 16 oz – Pure, Unrefined 

  • It is very useful and has a myriad of benefits. the product is rich, warming, and unrefined, which preserves all the nutritional benefits. It is also good for giving massage to babies during the summer season.
  • Banyan Botanicals is committed to producing the highest quality Ayurvedic products using USDA certified organic herbs that are sustainably sourced and fairly traded. All our products are 3rd party tested to ensure product quality and safety.

Baby Massage Oils Winter Season

Some baby oils that are good to be used in winter for massage are as follows:

Mustard oil

Mustard oil has a warming impact on the body. So, this oil is used for baby massage only in winters. Do not use it directly on the baby’s skin. Heat Mustard oil with Garlic cloves, fenugreek, etc. The use of Garlic in Mustard oil enhances the immune system of the baby and fenugreek helps in relaxing the baby.

Add carrom seeds to mustard oil and give relaxation to the baby.

Dabur Mustard oil 250ml
Dabur mustard oil

  • This oil is great for hair and body massage.
  • The oil penetrates the baby’s skin and strengthens the bones and the muscles.
True oils compressed Mustard oil
True oils cold pressed mustard oil

16.90 fl. oz. – Pure cold pressed

  • It is a cold pressed black mustard seed oil.
  • The Omega-3 fatty acids present in the oil help in the growth of hair and ensures healthy scalp for the babies.
  • The high level of vitamin E in the oil helps improve the skin health and is very beneficial for the babies.

Olive oil

Olive oil is very famous for baby massage. Do not use this oil on sensitive skin. Olive oil has the ability of perforation and hence the skin of the baby loses moisture.

Figaro Olive Oil for massage
Figaro Olive Oil

  • The Figaor Olive oil is best for kids massage.
  • It contains lots and lots of Vitamin E, and hence it is good for massaging the baby’s skin and making the baby’s muscles, and body strong.
Extra virgin organic olive oil
Extra virgin organic olive oil

Cold Pressed Unrefined – Use For Face, Baby Skin, Hair, Dry Scalp, Massage

  • It is the highest quality olive oil, which is made from olives grown without any chemicals. The greenish-yellow color is the sign of freshness and quality. You can massage the baby’s face and body with it.

Almond oil

Almond oil is another oil that is famous for baby massage. It has a lot of vitamin E. Vitamin E in almond oil helps in relaxing the baby and helps the baby to sleep better.

Johnson’s Baby Almond oil
Johnson's baby almond oil

  • It contains pure almond oil and is good for the baby’s body and skin.
  • It is also great for kids and adults. The oil locks in up to 10 times more moisture in wet skin. 
  • The baby massage oil is paraben and chemical free. Gently massage this oil into damp skin after giving the baby a bath.
Viva Naturals Sweet Almond Oil
Viva natural sweet almond oil

The Perfect Natural Body Oil, Great as Unscented Massage Oil

  • This almond baby oil is used for the soft skin and complexion of the baby.
  • The vitamin E present in the oil nourishes skin naturally and the fatty acids locks in moisture in the skin.
  • It is also used for hair growth and for good quality nails. Viva almond oil is non-greasy and fast-absorbing.

Baby Massage Oils For The Sensitive Skin

Vegetable oils containing a lot of oleic acids are not advisable when the baby’s skin is very sensitive. For this, the oil should be containing a lot of linoleic acids. So, it is better to check with the pediatrician. He will advise you on which oil is best for your baby. However, here is the list of some of the oils that are good for the sensitive skin of babies:

Sunflower oil

Sunflower oil contains a lot of vitamin E and fatty acids. This oil is considered safe for sensitive skin.  If your kids’ skin is prone to rashes, do not use sunflower oil.

Sunflower oil cold pressed
sunflower oil cold pressed

Sub Title

  • Sunflower oil contains Vitamin A and Vitamin E which is very good for your baby’s sensitive skin.
  • It can be massaged directly to the skin, and also provides protection against sun burn to the kid.
Maple Pure Sunflower oil moisturizer for face and body
maple pure sunflower oil

Aromatherapy Carrier Oil for Essential Oils Mixing and Hair Oil

  • The Sunflower seed oil has the natural therapeutic lanoleic acid, which naturally hydrates the skin.
  • It is chemical and paraben free and is antibacterial in nature. It also protects the baby from harmful Ultra-Violet rays of the sun and prevents sun burn.

Chamomile oil

This oil is very helpful for the baby’s sensitive skin. It acts as a medicine in treating rashes and skin breakouts.

Chamomile essential oil
Chamomile essential oil

Sub Title

  • This oil has a soothing effect on the body and relaxes and refreshes the baby.
  • It also plays a great role in the recovery and smoothening of the baby’s skin.
  • The baby relaxes a lot, when you massage him or her with the Chamomile oil.

Tea tree oil
Tea Tree Essential Oil

Tea tree oil helps in many skin allergies in babies and has antiseptic properties

  • The pure tea tree oil comes from the Australian Malaleuc Alternifalia tree.
  • Only the best tea tree oil is provided to the customers. It is very good for the face, skin, nails, and toe nails of the baby.

Calendula oil

This oil has a very soothing effect with a mild fragrance.

Eart Mama Calendula Baby oil for Infant massage

Earth Mama Calendula Baby Oil

Sub Title

  • It is very good for infant massage, dry skin, and scalp. It is free from all nut oils and fragrance, and chemicals.

Castor oil

Massage with castor oil before bath. Use this oil to treat the baby’s dry skin, hair, and nails. Do not apply castor oil around the baby’s eyes and lips.

Baby Massage Oil For Fairness

There are no such oils. Do not try anything on a baby’s sensitive skin for fairness.

That’s all for now. I hope you like my personal favorite baby oils. Do share your feedback with us in the comment below.