How to swaddle a baby: A step by step guide to swaddling your baby


After the skin-to-skin contact with your baby after birth, the next time you might see your baby neatly tucked and swaddled into a soft piece of cloth with his or her head just poking out. This pink cloth is called a swaddler and the method is called swaddling. The nurses in the hospital have mastered the age-old technique of swaddling. Yes, it is an age-old technique. It helps to keep your baby calm and quiet. So, new moms let us learn how to swaddle a baby and master the technique. 

The importance of swaddling a baby

It is an age-old technique that not only is cute but, also has a lot of benefits.  Swaddling is a simple technique in which you just wrap your baby in a blanket. You may also see it as a cute little burrito. Here are the benefits of swaddling your baby

  • It keeps the baby cozy and warm by triggering the internal body thermostat
  • Swaddling keeps the baby’s hand and legs secured and prevents the baby from triggering its startle reflex.
  • Helps the baby adjust to life outside the womb.

Step by step guide on how to swaddle a baby

You might want to learn step by step how to swaddle a baby. So, here is the guide

step by step guide to swaddle a baby

Step 1

Look for a flat surface and spread the blanket out in the form of a diamond. Fold the upper top corner about six inches inward. 

Step 2

Place your baby face-up on the blanket. Her head should be over the folded corner and her body should extend straight downwards towards the bottom corner. 

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Step 3

Straighten your baby’s right arm, then take the right side of the blanket, wrap it over and tuck it firmly under the left side. Now bring the end of the swaddler and tuck it in the first fold.

Step 4

Straighten your baby’s left arm, take the right side of the blanket and tuck it securely under the left side of your baby. Now your baby is safe to go to sleep.

What kind of Swaddle to use for the baby?

A swaddle blanket can be made of cotton, cotton-based linen, or any other soft material. Make sure that the material should be soft and breathable to stop your baby’s body temperature to rise. Apart from the swaddle blankets, there are also sleeping sacks and wraps available in the market. So, it is better to weigh your options and choose the product that is perfect for you. 

Safety concerns when you swaddle your baby?

When you swaddle your baby, there are no major safety concerns, but, make sure that you put your baby to sleep on his or her back. Also, you should not put any pillows or blankets in your baby’s crib or cradle. Make sure that you have not swaddled your baby too tight and there is some space between the cloth and the baby’s chest. 

Swaddling blankets available in the market

Here is the list of Swaddlers available in the market. Here is the list from which you can purchase your Swaddlers or swaddling blankets.

  • Luvable friends unisex baby receiving blanket
  • Baby Swaddle blanket wraps
  • Swaddle Me easy change Swaddle

Luvable friends unisex baby receiving blanket

Luvable friends unisex swaddling blanket

It is made with 100% cotton and is soft and gentle in use. Includes seven blankets measuring 30X30 inches. It is made for everyday use, is affordable, and is of high quality. 

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You can purchase it from here

Baby swaddle blanket wraps

Baby swaddle blanket wrap

It is made up of 100% breathable cotton. It is available in 3 sizes. The preemie fits up to 7 pounds, small-medium fits for 0-3months, large fits for 3-6 months. It is a perfect parenting companion, which creates a womb-like atmosphere for the baby. 




You can purchase it from here

Swaddleme easy change Swaddle

Swaddle me easy change swaddle

It is made up of 100% cotton and is for babies from 0-3 months. Perfect for a newborn who is not yet rolling over. The secure design creates a cozy womb-like feeling. The easy change zipper at the bottom makes diaper change a jiffy for the new parents. 




You can purchase it from here

So, these are some of the swaddling blankets that you can use for your newborn and keep him or her comfortable. And these are the steps on how to swaddle your baby.

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