3 tips on how to potty train kid in one week

When it comes to potty training your kid, we all start dreading it. We foresee that this whole event will be filled with a lot of crying and fussing. It will take a lot of time and will have a lot of accidents, and a huge amount of after cleanup in the whole house. But, what if all this will not happen and what if the potty training sessions actually become fun with your kid without any accidents and spill ups? Than that would be fun. What if you potty train kid in one week ? Kids can be potty trained in one week also. First and the foremost look for the signs that a kid is ready for getting potty trained. Second, get a good and comfortable potty for the kid. Then start the whole process. Here is how to potty train a child in one week

How to potty train your kid in one week?

how to potty train your kid in one week

Potty training a kid is never easy. It is a tedious process. But, if you time it well and try in an effective way then you can potty train your child in a week or so. Here are the few things that you can put into impact

  • Have sessions for potty training
  • Naked time
  • Reward

Have sessions for potty training

It is not necessary to keep on training a kid during the whole day and become an alarm clock for potty training a kid. A kid can be easily potty trained in sessions also. Let the kid go on playing, eating and other regular activities on its own. But, you can have sessions of potty training in the morning and afternoon or any other time that you and your kid are comfortable with.

During the hours of potty training sessions put the kid on the potty every half an hour or on an hourly basis. After the session is over pull up the diaper and go back to the normal play routine. If you are outside have another session of potty training immediately when you get back home. Do this for three or four days. After that, on the third or fourth day go for a full day session. You should have a spare potty with you whenever you leave the house.

Have a naked time

You can also let your child move around in the house just wearing a T-shirt and not wearing his or her diaper or underwear and teach him whenever he or she needs to go to the toilet. That way a child will slowly and gradually learn that he has to pee and poop in the potty and not anywhere else.


When your child does start using the potty reward your child, if not rewarding make sure to appreciate your kid every time he or she passes urine or stool in the potty. This will keep the child motivated in doing it in the potty. But, when your child accidentally pees or poops outside always make sure that he or she is comforted and tell him or her that it is OK to have such accidents.

So, here are a few tips on how to potty train your kid effectively in one week and not loose yourself over the tedious process. If you have any other ideas let us discuss below in the comments section.