5 Benefits of playing football for kids

As a parent, we all want our kids to develop into a healthy and friendly individual with lots of good qualities. For a kid to become mentally as well as physically healthy, playing sports is very important.  Playing sports and doing physical activity is an integral part of the child’s development and is very necessary for the early years of childhood. Playing sports in the early years of childhood helps in the development of the brain, eye and muscle coordination in children. However, not every parent is aware of the benefits of sports and not every kid is getting much-needed exercise. There are a variety of sports that a kid can play and develop his or her cognitive skills and it becomes very difficult for the parents to choose from. Football is one such sport, which the kid should definitely learn. Let us discuss in detail about the benefits of playing football for kids.

playing football for kids

Playing sports helps in the overall development of the kid. It helps in the brain development of the kid, as developing strategies to win the game need a lot of brainpower. It relaxes the kid, increases concentration and builds up confidence. Thus sports benefit the kids in their development and increase their grasping power and improves their overall academic performance. 

Why football?

There are so many games that a kid can play and enjoy. All these sports also help in the development of the kid. A parent can choose any sports for their kids. But, then why is it said that football is a very effective game. Let us have a look at it. All the sports have their advantages, but football is considered a game which helps in the overall development. It helps strengthen the body muscles, helps in developing social skills and make friends and in the development of cognitive skills in the kid. 

Benefits of playing football for kids

There are various benefits of playing different sports in your life. But, football has some special benefits. Let us see what these benefits are:

  • Health benefits
  • Teaches teamwork
  • Teaches tough lessons of life
  • Help develops social skills
  • Cognitive skills are developed

Health benefits

Playing football helps in building the stamina of a kid’s body. Running constantly for 90 minutes gives good exercise to a child’s body. The constant walking, jogging, and running keeps the heart rate of the player up and helps improve the cardiovascular health of the body.   It also burns excess calories and improves blood pressure, lowers body fat and improves muscle strength and increases the strength of the kid’s bones. It helps improve coordination between different parts of the body due to various activities that the game includes. 

Teaches teamwork

While playing football, a kid needs to co-ordinate with 10 other players in order to make his team win. Hence, it teaches the kid the importance of teamwork. The kid learns to forget his or her personal differences with other players and concentrate just on their play while playing the match. 

Teaches tough lessons of life

Playing a game as football makes the kid mentally and physically strong. Each and every player of a team has to fight with 11 players from the opposite team for one ball and make that one ball reach the goal post on the other side. For that kid should learn to find his own way on the ground with mental and physical strength. The same rule also belongs to the difficulties in life. Also, for playing a kid needs to learn the strict discipline to follow practice schedule and work ethics get instilled into the kid’s mind.

Helps develop social skills

Being in a team gives a sense of belonging to the kid and develops a sense of security, which in turn helps them make more friends easily. It teaches them to live in a group and stand up for another person whenever needed. This is a much-needed skill.

Cognitive skills are developed

Football is a fast-paced game that requires a lot of self-discipline, concentration, and persistence. All these skills come with a lot of practice. By developing cognitive skills, the game eventually develops confidence in a person to take immediate decisions and take responsibility for his or her own actions. The game also develops leadership qualities in a kid. 

So, after going through this article you might be itching to enrol your kid in the game and might be looking for proper guidance. Well, All India Football Federation has a grass-root development program on the state level, that you can definitely checkout. You will get more guidance about it. 

This is all we want to share with you regarding the Benefits of playing football for kids, if you know of any more benefits do let us know in the comments section.

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