Chhota Bheem in Jadooi Adventure: A must watch musical show for kids

Look at any Indian family in the world and the kids in the family have heard about or are fans of the Chhota Bheem cartoon. Kids in India are huge fans of this show. Kids in each and every house in India watch Chhota Bheem cartoon. One of the biggest Musical groups of India helped the cartoon character emerge like a real-life hero, who apart from the interesting story line-up took it upon himself to teach good values to the kids. 

The grand impact

The musical group was in Ahmedabad and I decided to take my daughter to see this show, as she is a huge Chhota Bheem fan. As soon as I entered the auditorium, the first thing I noticed that the stage is well-decorated to take us to Dholakpur, the village where Chhota Bheem and his friends live. As soon as the show started the young and the old all were mesmerized to witness the perfect dance moves, the music, the lightings, and its effects and the kids were overjoyed just to see their favorite character come to life. Everything in the show was just perfect. The show was very interesting even for adults.

The effective Chhota Bheem story line-up

They had an interesting story to tell. The story was so mesmerizing that it was able to hold the attention of viewers for the entire show. They did not lose their grip even for one second. 

As per the story, Chhota Bheem and his friends have just begun to enjoy the mela in Dholakpur when Raja Indraverma comes with Guru Shambhu of Sonapur. Guru Shambu tells Bheem that he had made a magical prism that has the ability to grant immense powers and lightning speed to the one who possesses it. But, unfortunately, the prism breaks into five parts. The evil villain Graago has one part of it, and Guru Shambhu does not know where the other four parts are. So, he asks Bheem and his friend’s help. He is afraid that Graago might find the other four parts before him and become invincible. 

Guru Shambhu warns Bheem that Graago is a master of disguise and with the help of this skill, he can hide anywhere and do whatever he wants and makes a magical time travel machine called Chamak Bulbula for Bheem and his friends. With the help of this chamak bulbula, the entire party embarks on a journey to find the parts of the prism and defeat Graago with the help of sheer courage and succeed in their mission.

The lessons taught

Apart from the great story line-up, great music, and entertaining fight scenes, they also passed on lessons to the kids like to eat more vegetables, stay healthy, etc. 

So, three cheers to the team of Chhota Bheem in the Jadooi Adventure team. Guys loved your show a lot and keep performing more shows like this.