Willow breast pump: Must have for all on the go moms: a self-efficient smart

Breast feeding is the most common form of providing a mother’s milk and nutrition to an infant. Most of the mothers want to nurse their babies for as long as they can.  But, a lot of mother’s due to one or other reasons cannot breast feed their babies and here comes the role of breast pumps. And the willow smart breast pump will prove to be the best choice in the near future to come.

What are breast pumps?

It is believed that a breast pump sucks milk out from the breast. But, this is not true; a breast pump helps in triggering the milk ejection. The pump pulls the nipple of the breast in the flannel of the pump and releases it. This is one complete cycle. Usually good breast pumps usually complete 30 to 60 cycles in one minute. The milk expressed with these breast pumps is usually collected in the bottles or containers provided with them. This milk can be stored in storage bags marking the date and time and later on feeding to the infant. There are two main types of breast pumps

  • Manual breast pump

    manual breast pump
    manual breast pump
  • Electric breast pump

    electric breast pump
    electric breast pump

But, breast pumping usually is a big hassle. Whether you are at home or at work or at shopping mall, you will need to have a private place to pump milk. Manual breast pump needs more work to be done and electrical needs a power point and it will be all tubes. And you will also be occupied for a long period of time. Breast pumps also hurt a lot and make a lot of sound, which makes your pumping pretty obvious when in public place.

Willow smart breast pump

willow breast pump
willow smart breast pump

This device was just debuted at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Here are the few reasons why willow claims it as the smart breast pump


  • A total hands free device
  • No wires and no cords dangling
  • A new revolution

A total hands free device

This device is worn inside your clothes. The pump is designed in such a way that it can be worn in the clothes and is totally hands free. Also there is no loud noise made by the pump. It is so quiet that you can even be pumping while you are working at office or on the phone or while you are shopping at a mall.

Also you do not need a private place or an electric point to pump milk. Multi-tasking moms will love to have this product with them.

No wires and no cords dangling

Unlike the electric breast pump, there is no need of external tubes, cords or wires. This pump consists of battery powered to breast shaped units that can be worn on the breasts.

Attached to these units are BPA free plastic bags, which are recyclable and food safe. They also consist of a safety valve, which prevent the milk from spilling if the mother lies down to rest while pumping.

This entire unit can be easily tucked inside your bra and worn anywhere throughout the day.

A revolutionary device

It is a revolutionary device in the field of wearable technology. It is a smart device, which can also be operated with a mobile app. With the help of the app it tracks the date when milk was expressed, the quantity and time spent in expressing the milk.

This amazing revolutionary device will be available at about the cost of $400 approx. in US, which is pretty much similar to any other breast pump. And hence this device will become a must have in the bag which you will pack before you go to the hospital for the infant.

We also hope to see further more revolutionary development in the field of wearable technology through devices like these.