Diapers or nappies: which one is best for your baby

New parents and new moms or mom to be usually get confused on what to choose in between diapers and nappies. there is always a debate in between diapers v/s nappies. Parents always want to take the best decision for their babies and strive to do that.

It totally depends on a parent to decide what is best for their kid. But, we can definitely put some high light on the pros and cons of both the diapers and nappies.


Nappies are the more conventional and older used compared to diapers. In today’s world there are different types of nappies that are available for the comfort of parents and safety of babies. These are

  • Cloth nappies
  • Nappy pads

Cloth nappies

cloth nappiesCloth nappies are available in various materials like pure cotton, terry cotton etc.

Nappy pads

nappy padsThese types of nappies have absorbent material attached at the bottom. These nappies are easier to use. These nappies have disposable linings which are flushable and can be flushed along with the poo.

The pros and cons of nappies


Cloth diapers are available in various materials. These nappies are cost effective and highly economic. When using these nappies, they are reusable and hence we do not need to discard them just in one use. These nappies are available in single fold or in double fold cloth material. There is no chance of getting a diaper rash. The nappies are usually frequently changed.  Use of nappies also does not have any environmental hazard.


As there are two sides of a coin, in the same way there are also cons of using nappies. Nappies have the chances of getting messy and difficult to change. Using a cloth nappy also means more nappy changes and a lot of hastle. It also means more laundry and more cleaning to be done. These nappies are not easy to be thrown and hence sometimes when travelling we need to carry the dirty and smelly diapers back home along with other travel accessories.


diapersThese are the disposable diapers that can absorb higher quantity of urine and poop and usually are leak proof.


These diapers are ultra-absorbent. There is an inner liner that helps in keeping the skin dry and leak free. And hence, no more fear of leakage and soiled clothes. These diapers are easily carried around and make traveling lot easier with babies. The baby remains totally dry with diapers and hence lowers the chances of getting cough and cold. We also do not need to carry dirty nappies back at home along with other stuff.


There are also lot of cons in using disposable diapers. The dyes and other materials used in making the diapers may cause allergic reaction to the kids. Hence a lot of people tend to give a second thought before they start using disposable diapers. The disposable diapers are made of material that are not easily biodegradable and hence, when used in large quantities, may pollute the environment. There are also chances of getting frequent diaper rash, with the use of diapers. These diapers are definitely not a highly economic choice made by the parents.