The benefits and drawbacks of colostrum supplements for adults

Colostrum is the super food and immune booster for the new born babies. Colostrum is the first milk produced by the mammals.  The production of colostrum starts about a few weeks before the birth of the baby and it comes only for few days. Colostrum contains a lot of beneficial enzymes, antibodies and growth factors that can help develop the immune system of the body. One of the components of colostrum lactoferrin is highly antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral. Some research also suggests that this colostrum in the supplement form is also highly beneficial to the adults. So, let us know about the benefits and drawbacks of colostrum supplements for adults.

colostrum supplements
colostrum supplements

What is colostrum supplement ?

Colostrum supplement is developed from cow or goat milk colostrum. The colostrum of these animals is processed and dried and converted to powder form. This is then used to develop various forms of colostrum supplements.

The benefits of colostrum supplements for adults

There are various benefits of using colostrum supplements for adults. These benefits are as follows

  • Development of immune system
  • Used as an anti-aging product

Development of immune system

Colostrum is considered to help a lot in the development of the adult immune system. It helps in keeping the immune system of adults in good shape and in check. It helps in keeping the immune system in its natural form. Colostrum supplements help the immune system in fighting a lot of disease. It contains a lot of immune components that help the body in naturally fighting various infections. These immune components are IGF 1, lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase components. These components when taken even in a low concentration, helps in the development of the natural immune system.

Colostrum supplements can also play an important role in developing the intestine and stomach immune system. It helps in development of the natural bacterial flora lining the intestine and stomach of the human. These bacteria fight out a lot of infections like influenza. The supplements also help in curing of diarrhea due to various infections and HIV infections.

Used as an anti aging product

Till now no anti aging products are developed with sure results. But, it is said that the use of colostrum supplements give sure results as an anti-aging agent. The colostrum helps in boosting the development of all the cells in the human body. The colostrum has growth factors present in it that help in boosting the development of cells. Also, this is natural and non habit forming. As we age, the body produces less growth hormones. Colostrum helps in increasing the production of growth hormones and helps in anti-aging.

The drawbacks of colostrum supplements

The colostrum is produced only for three to four days in all the mammals. Also, the quantity in which it is produced is also very less. Also, it is available during the breeding season of mammals and not round the year. As a result of which, the supplements are highly costly. Even one pound of colostrum supplement can cost you a couple of hundred dollars. Also, the growth factors present in the colostrum perish within a few days. The lactoferrin and other growth factors are also extremely light sensitive and tend to easily perish.

Also, the components present in the colostrum are suitable for the new born babies. These components may not be suitable for the adult intestine, gut flora and may not be digestible to the adult body.

These are the benefits and drawbacks of using colostrum supplements.