5 precautions to take during rainy season for kids

rainy season
rainy season

Rainy season brings a pleasant atmosphere. In the countries like India where there is extreme heat in summer, rainy season comes like a relief. Also, the heavy rains during rainy season naturally solves the problem of water and electricity in these countries. Apart from providing relief, the rainy season also comes with lot of health issues and waterborne disease. During rainy season there is an outbreak of lot of waterborne disease. The kids immune system is still developing and not as mature as the adults and hence, kids can easily fall prey to such waterborne diseases. The kids should also be kept safe when they go to school or anywhere outside. Here are the 5 precautions to take during rainy season for kids

5 precautions to take during rainy season for kids

Rainy season brings a lot of downpour of water. As a result of which, there are lot of water puddles. Water puddles are the breeding spots for lot of virus and bacteria. This brings the outbreak of waterborne disease that are developed from contaminated water. These are the 5 precautions to take during rainy season for kids

  • Maintain proper body hygiene
  • Eat healthy food
  • Drink clean water
  • Use insect and bug repellents
  • Protect your eyes

Maintain proper body hygiene

During rainy season you should make sure that your kid takes proper shower daily. The kid should also take proper shower when the kid returns back home. A proper shower after returning home would protect the kids from viruses, bacteria and infections. The kids have the habit of playing in the mud and in the puddles of water when they are outside. So, a good shower after returning home is very necessary.

Eat healthy food

During monsoon season it is very necessary that kid eats mostly homemade fresh food. There are chances that the vegetables or other food from outside might have got spoiled. Or the vegetables are cooked in contaminated water. The kid may get severe food poisoning due to this. So, it is necessary that the kid eats homemade properly cooked food. Most of the time try to keep the outside food off the menu.

Drink clean water

During monsoon season many times it happens that the water from the gutters get mixed with the drinking water pipelines. This happens due to the overflowing of the drainage system due to heavy rains. As a result of which it is very important that you drink only boiled or water from the RO at home. Drinking clean water prevents the kid from getting a lot of bacterial and viral infections.

Use insect and bug repellents

In monsoon season there are puddles of water. These puddles become the breeding spot for mosquitoes and various other insects. These mosquitoes may bite the kids and spread disease like malaria. To keep the kids safe from these disease, it is important to apply bug repellents.

Protect your eyes

During monsoon season, there is an epidemic of conjunctivitis. So, if the kid touches something and then touch their eyes, there are chances of the spread of conjunctivitis. There are chances that the thing has been touched by someone with conjunctivitis and as a result the spread of the epidemic. If your kid gets conjunctivitis, then make a point that kid wears goggles. And does not touch anything.

These are few precautions you should take to protect your kid during monsoon season.