Postpartum care: all you want to know about postpartum care in India

postpartum carePregnancy and the delivery of a child bring a lot of changes in a woman’s body.  After delivery you have your bundle of joy and hope with you. But, you should not forget that in-order to give a hearty and healthy living to that bundle of joy you also need to be healthy and hearty and in good shape and form. And the Postpartum care in India helps you develop a good immune system. If not given good postpartum care then there are also chances that a mother might suffer from postpartum depression.

You should not think that the time for taking care of yourself physically and emotionally is over once your pregnancy is over. But, you should take care of your body now more. Now, you have to care for not only your health, but, for your baby’s health also. So, being fit and fine should be the primary goal of a mother. And helping the mother in becoming fit and fine is the primary goal of the close family and friends. Hence it is very important to follow the postpartum care in India tips

The importance of postpartum care in India

During pregnancy and after giving birth to a baby, the women go through a lot of physical and emotional changes. You need to regain the strength that you have lost while giving birth to a young one. You may also be facing lots of other issues like hormonal changes, lack of sleep, learning to take care of the baby, physical discomforts, worries etc. Hence, the first forty days after delivery are given utmost importance for postpartum care in India. The entire process of postpartum care gives a lot of emphasis on boosting immunity and fast healing of the mother.

There ae various different cultures and traditions in India. But, all of these cultures and customs provide the same basics of postpartum care. The materials and the ingredients used may vary, but, the basic interest behind the postpartum care remains the same.

The major aspects of postpartum care in India

These are the few major aspects of postpartum care in India:

  • Confinement period
  • Massage after delivery
  • Bathing method
  • Belly binding
  • Diet

Confinement period

This is the forty days rest period of the mother after delivery. A few restrictions are also imposed during this period. This is done to strengthen the immunity of the mother and the child and to avoid any health complications due to infections.

Massage after delivery

Usually the mother receives a full body massage with Ayurveda oils. This is done to strengthen the muscles of the mother’s body. If the mother has delivered via C-section, the massage is usually done on back, limbs and shoulders of the body and not on the area of stitches.

Bathing methods

The powdered moong dal or chick pea floor (besan) is used as a substitute for soap. The new mother is given a hot water bath.

Belly binding

In this method the tummy of the mother is tied tightly with a big cotton cloth. This may help in reducing the pain in the pelvic region and the belly fat.


Foods that are easily digestible and help speed up the recovery process are prepared for the new mother. A lot of ghee is also added to the food to keep the body warm.

So, these are some of the ways postpartum care is given in India and is made sure that the mother and the baby become hay and healthy.