Post partum depression: a guide to your mental health post delivery


Giving birth to a child is the most happiest and the biggest life changing event in any couples life. When a child is born with that there is the birth of a mother and father. It is the blessing of god for that couple. But, the birth of a child also brings with it, lot of responsibilities and tough times. And while going through all this it is possible that either or both of the parents become prey to Post partum depression.

In the beginning for few days it is pretty natural that parents, especially mothers do not feel a quick and perfect bonding with the baby. Everything during child birth is not like what is shown in the movies and written in the book. It usually takes time for a mother to bond with the baby. The mother’s body is recovering from the process of delivery. The parents are also feeling tired due to restless and nights. So, it is natural for parents, both mom and dad to feel sad. This is called baby blues. Baby blues start about a few days after the baby is born and generally passes away within a few weeks. But, sometimes the situation may become worse and take the form of post partum depression

What is post partum depression?

post partum depression

Post partum depression is observed mainly in women. It is a serious illness which can make you feel sad, worthless and unhappy. When you are suffering from post partum depression even the routine activities and caring for the newborn becomes a tough job. And there are high chances that if a mother is suffering from post partum depression, then the father has to take more responsibility and he may also fall prey to the feeling of depression. This is not at all good for the baby and hence this needs to be treated immediately.

How do I know whether I have post partum depression?

The symptoms of post partum depression are very similar to that of normal depression which includes

  • Feeling sad and worthless
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Not feeling hungry
  • Weight loss or weight gain due to over eating

What are the causes of post partum depression?

The major cause of post partum depression is the sudden change in hormone level that occurs immediately after child birth. But, there are other supportive factors also that cause post partum depression. These factors are as follows

  • A lot of stress
  • Already have depression
  • Little or no support from family and friends


Post partum depression can be treated with counselling and medication. Mothers can take antidepressant medication while breast feeding. This should be done with the guidance of your doctor. You can also plan a healthy diet and do some exercise, get more rest and improve your lifestyle.


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