Diaper Rash: What it is, Types, Causes & Remedies

At any point in parenting, you may suddenly find your baby’s bum covered in red spots or red rash. When you first notice this it is totally understandable that you will freak out. But, no need to panic, it is very common in kids. You can get it even if your baby is using nappies. So, pretty much a diaper rash is a part of the baby growing up the package. But, do you know what is it? How is it caused? and what is the treatment for it? Let us know in detail about it. 

What is diaper rash ?

It is a very common condition. When the baby’s skin remains in contact with stool or urine for a longer period of time, a red rash appears on the baby’s bum. This can make your baby’s skin red, tender, and flaky. But, it will get cured with proper treatment in three to four days. If your baby’s rash does not improve or gets worse, then you should get it checked by your pediatrician. 

What does diaper rash look like ?

Diaper rash

You may want to confirm what diaper rash looks like? It is a red inflamed rash that appears on the baby’s genitals, bum, and thighs. Sometimes if the diaper rash becomes worse, then it gets converted into blisters that ooze out pus and fluid. Your baby will be irritated and cranky. Sometimes the diaper rash may also spread to the other parts of the baby’s body. Diaper changes may be difficult for the baby.

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Types of diaper rash in babies 

There are various types of diaper rash in babies. These types of diaper rash are as follows

  • Rash due to irritants
  • Yeast infection diaper rash
  • Bacterial infection diaper rash
  • Cradle cap
  • Eczema
  • Intertrigo

Rash due to irritants

This type of rash is caused when the baby’s skin comes in contact with urine or stool for a long period of time. Diarrhea in babies can also cause rash due to irritation because when the baby has diarrhea the skin will come in prolonged contact with the stool. 

The teething process in babies can also lead to diarrhea and hence a rash. A tight-fitting clothing and tight-fitting diaper or panty will lead to perspiration, chafing, and other problems and lead to a rash. If your baby is allergic to the detergent that you are using for washing clothes, then the baby might get a rash. 

Yeast infection diaper rash in Babies

An overgrowth of fungus that is present in the digestive tract may lead to rash in babies. If your baby has a weakened immune system, then Candida albicans, a fungus that causes oral thrush, may lead to diaper rash in kids. 

A diaper rash due to yeast infection can also occur if you or your baby has completed a course of antibiotics. Antibiotics do not differentiate between good and bad bacteria and kill both of them.

Bacterial diaper rash in babies 

Staphylococcus aureus or Streptococcus bacteria can sometimes cause a rare bacterial infection called impetigo. This can lead to a rash or make the existing one worse. 

Cradle cap

A red rash with yellow scales that appear on the head of the body and spread to the different parts of the body may reach the genital area and cause a red, itchy diaper rash. 

Eczema (atopic dermatitis)

These are dry, itchy, and red patches that occur on the face and neck. But, sometimes it can also occur in the genital area causing diaper rash. 


Intertrigo is a raw rash that appears in skin folds. It is itchy and sometimes oozes out the liquid.

What causes diaper rash in babies ?

There are various things and reasons that cause a rash. Here is the list of causes

  • Dirty diapers
  • Changes in diet
  • Diaper friction
  • Irritants 

Dirty diapers

Most rashes in babies happen due to exposure to dirty poop and urine. The enzymes in the baby’s poop and urine irritate the baby’s soft skin and cause a dirty rash. 

Changes in diet

A breastfed baby’s stool can change its frequency and consistency depending on what mom eats. Hence, the baby’s bum is exposed to more stool and causes a rash.

Diaper friction

When your baby’s skin folds rub against the diapers, it will cause irritation, and lead to diaper rash.


The ingredients in baby wipes, diapers, soaps, creams, and powders can irritate the baby’s skin and cause rash. 

Remedies to prevent diaper rash

It is best that you take preventive measures. Here are a few tips for that

Change your baby’s diaper regularly

Changing your baby’s peed or pooped diaper immediately will play a key role in preventing rash. Because if the skin stays wet for a long time, it will get irritated and there are chances of getting it.

Wash your hands properly

You should wash your hands properly before changing the diaper and also after changing the diaper. This way you will not spread any bacteria or rash causing agents from your hand to your baby’s bum. 

Loosen up

Your diaper should be snugly fitting the baby, but it should not be too tight. A tight diaper will cause rubbing of the skin against diaper layers and will give rashes.

Keep it open

When you change the baby’s diaper make sure that you keep the baby open for some time. Just cover the surface where you are keeping the baby with an absorbent towel. That will keep the bum area dry and rash-free.

Bathe regularly

Give your baby a bath regularly at least once a day. This will help to keep the baby genitals clean and you will be at lower risk of getting rashes.

Remove irritants

Do not use anything containing chemicals and irritants on your baby’s private parts. This will help you reduce the rashes that your baby gets. These irritants include scented baby soap, scented baby wipes, perfumes, baby powders, and many other things.

Change the brand of diapers

If you feel that a particular brand of diaper is not suiting your baby, then change the brand of diaper and get another one for the baby. 

Diaper rash cream

Yes, these creams will provide much-needed protection against the rash. It will help prevent rash, as it prevents chafing of the skin. Just make sure that you know which cream is best for your baby. Make sure that her bum area is clean and totally dry when you apply the cream. This will be very effective.

So, this is everything that we wanted to discuss with you regarding diaper rash. If you know of something else then please share it with us in the comment section below.