10 home remedies to prevent dengue fever in kids

The rainy season is there and we know that kids have a lot of fun splashing and playing in the rainy season. Kids, enjoy playing and getting wet in the rain. They enjoy, splashing in the puddles, putting paper boats in the water puddles and many more activities. It is a season of fun for them. But, kids rarely know that these waterlogged areas pose a great danger to them health-wise. The puddles and waterlogged areas are a source and breeding centers for mosquitos of different types. These mosquitoes cause a lot of diseases like malaria, chikungunya and dengue fever. Dengue fever is one of the most common yet one of the dangerous diseases, that could happen to anyone. Here today we are going to discuss home remedies to prevent dengue fever in kids.

Dengue mosquito
Dengue mosquito

What is dengue fever?

Dengue fever is the disease caused by multiple viruses. This disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. The Dengue fever is more prevalent in the tropical areas of the world. This disease is more prevalent in India, Southeast Asia, Southern China, Taiwan, Pacific Islands,  Central, and South America (except Chile, Paraguay, and Argentina), Mexico, Africa, The Carribean countries (except Cuba and Cayman Islands). Dengue fever is not transmitted from person to person. The mosquito gets infected when it bites someone having dengue virus in their blood. Then this mosquito transmits the disease to other people.

The symptoms of dengue fever

Usually, the symptoms of dengue fever begin two to three days after a person is infected. Or in some cases also it begins after four to six days. The symptoms of dengue may last up to 10 days or more. Young children and adults who are suffering from dengue infection for the first time may show mild symptoms. The people who are suffering from recurring dengue infection may show severe symptoms. The symptoms of dengue fever may include the following symptoms

  • Sudden fatigue
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • A headache
  • Sudden high fever
  • Pain behind the eyes
  • Skin rash
  • Sever joints and muscles pain
  • Mild bleeding like bleeding from nose, gums etc.

A blood test is the only way to identify dengue. If your child is suffering from any of the following symptoms then, it is better that you get the blood tests done immediately and show it to your physician. Usually, in dengue fever, the platelet count in the blood becomes very low. Some serious complications also may occur due to dengue fever like enlargement of liver, hemorrhagic dengue fever, this leads to bleeding from the nose, gums etc. This may also cause damage to blood vessels, failure of the circulatory system and may rarely cause death. People with a weakened immune system and those who are suffering from recurring dengue are at a greater risk.

Test for the detection of dengue fever

There are various tests that could be done to detect dengue. Most of them are done using the patient’s blood sample. The easiest and the normally done is the blood count called the CBC. In the CBC test, the pathologist comes to know that the platelet count has decreased. Then the further detection is done on the molecular level or through the antibody testing.

Home remedies to prevent dengue fever

There are a few home remedies that we can follow to prevent the kids and the adults from being bitten by mosquitoes and prevent dengue fever. These home remedies can prevent you from being bitten by mosquitoes and can prevent you from falling sick. These remedies are as follows

  • Make your child wear full clothes
  • Use mosquito repellents
  • Use tulsi leaves
  • Clean your surroundings
  • Drain excess water
  • Neem leaves
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Coconut and neem oil
  • Camphor with neem oil

Make your child wear full clothes

Always make a point that you and your child wear full sleeve and long clothes. In this way, you can avoid mosquito bites and try to prevent yourself and your kids and family from dengue and other disease caused by mosquito bites.

Use mosquito repellents

Most of us use the vaporizer liquids during the night time for repelling mosquitoes. But, this is not enough. The dengue fever spreading mosquito is more active during the daytime. So, it is better that you also use good quality mosquito repellents while going outside. Especially when we are visiting gardens or some places where there are more mosquitoes. Also, make sure at evening time you spray mosquito repellent spray in your house.

Clean your surroundings

In order to reduce the number of mosquitoes, make a point to clean your surrounding and your house regularly. As unclean places may become the centers for the breeding of mosquitoes. Clean surroundings also reduce the chances of other infections.

Drain and remove the excess water

There are certain areas in our house also where excess water may get accumulated. These areas include behind or under the flower pots, near the water purifiers, near washing machines and at some places in the bathrooms also. So, it is highly necessary to clean these spots daily and remove the accumulated water. Also, you should make sure that the garden, parking and play areas in your society are kept clean and are not mosquito breeding centers.

Tulsi leaves


Tulsi is the most revered plant in India. It has high medicinal values. Boiling the tulsi leaves in a cup of water and drinking it daily gives a lot of immunity against dengue fever.

Neem leaves


Neem leaves help in increasing the blood platelet count. It has also other medicinal values. Just crush the neem leaves and give the juice to your kid or anyone else. This helps a lot and also soothes the skin rash due to dengue.


10 home remedies to prevent dengue fever in kids

Turmeric is a cure for any disease. It is very helpful in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The way to have it is the traditional turmeric milk.


10 home remedies to prevent dengue fever in kids

Garlic is a high mosquito repellent. Put it in the corners of your house and the mosquitoes will be gone in a few minutes.

Coconut and neem oil

Coconut and neem oil when mixed together can be used as a natural mosquito repellent. The way to use it is to mix coconut oil with a few drops of neem oil and apply it to your skin.

Camphor with neem oil

Camphor burnt in neem oil is a very good mosquito repellent. It removes all the mosquitoes in minutes from your home and surroundings.

So, these are few remedies to prevent dengue fever.