What Factors To Consider While Shopping For Plus Size Nursing Bras?


Finding a proper bra is essential for every woman. But, when we are talking about pregnant women and lactating mothers, choosing the proper bra is not only essential for the women but also for the baby. Once you give birth, you will have to breastfeed your little one every now and then. Most mothers usually prefer wearing a single top or a button down shirt in their homes so that they can nurse their babies anytime without any inconvenience.

However, it is very important for every woman who just had a baby to consider about having the proper nursing bra. A nursing bra will allow you to breastfeed your baby without any hassle. Apart from that, these bras ensure comfort, support, and safety of the breasts. This is why you need to have the correct nursing bra, irrespective of what size and shape you are.

Since the plus size nursing bras are the hardest to find, here, we will talk about the options you should look for to get the perfect nursing bra for yourself.

Nursing Bra Fabric And Linings

Nursing Bras

During pregnancy and motherhood, your breasts become extra sensitive. Due to milk secretion, the nipples and the surrounding areas of the mammary gland will be tender and might ache. This is why you need the proper plus size nursing bras that are made of soft and comfortable fabric.

Polystar, normal cotton, and silk are not the right choices as a nursing bra material. Not only will these cause irritation but also might lead to discomfort and uneasiness. So, always look for a nursing bra in plus size with soft and comfortable fabric like foam, cotton spandex, and others. Also, for better nipple coverage, you can look for nursing bras having an inner lining.

Strap dimensions and weight

Your next concern should be regarding the straps of the plus size nursing bras. The main function of a nursing bra is to let you nurse and breastfeed your baby anytime without any interruption. This is why you should consider a bra with a wide strap that will put less pressure on your shoulders. Also, with greater width, the straps can be easily displaced during nursing and breastfeeding, thereby allowing you to comfort your little one.

Option for increasing the bra’s size

When you will breastfeed your baby, you will often see that sometimes, your breast will get bigger in size due to milk accumulation. This mainly happens when you haven’t fed your baby for quite some time. If you have bought a bra with fixed size, you will feel congested and suffocated. This is why you need to choose plus size nursing bras which have extra hoops for increasing the rib band size and eyes for increasing the strap’s length. This will provide you enough room to breathe properly without suppressing your breasts.

Cup size and padding

As the breast size increases during pregnancy and motherhood, make sure to get a proper cup measurement. Do not choose the plus size nursing bras based on the cup size you normally wear. Make sure to take the measurements in such a way that the entire breast swell gets covered. This will provide you adequate support and hence prevent sagging. Along with this, you also need to ensure that the bras have proper padding in the cup. This will provide you added comfort and prevent breast pains.

Rib band size and material

maternity bra

Lastly, you need to take proper measurements for the rib band. Make sure to choose one size larger with multiple hook options so that you can adjust the rib band according to your convenience. Apart from this, the last thing you need to think about is the rib band material. It should be the normal wired band as that will not hurt your chest and abdomen.


It is very important for mothers to think about their health as well as that of their baby’s. This is where the plus size nursing bras come in. They will allow you to breastfeed your baby easily without causing you any discomfort. Nowadays, several plus size options are available in abundance. So, list down your requirements and immediately start searching for the best nursing bra.

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