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All the parents worry a lot about their kid’s health and well being. If we take a survey, it will be found that mom’s spent almost 70% of their time worrying about their kids physical and mental well being and health. Apart from this, there are different opinions and advice flowing from all the sides that a particular mom gets to hear. All these advice and opinions add fuel to the fire of a mom’s worry. I am a mom of a 4-year-old and a mom-blogger. I decided to host a meet-up with a highly experienced pediatrician Dr. Amruta Kanjani Thakker to give her expert pediatrician advice.

expert pediatrician advice
expert pediatrician advice

A little information about Dr. Amruta Kanjani Thakker

Dr. Amruta Thakkar is MD Paediatrician as well as board certified Paediatric Critical Care Specialist with more than 9 years of experience. She has treated more than 10000 children until now and has been trained in one of the best tertiary care institute for child care in India, Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital Chennai. Has been invited as a faculty in various state-level conferences and has presented papers and posters in international conferences and carries with her, tremendous experience of diagnosing and treating various childhood illnesses. The doctor believes that understanding a child as a whole with proper history taking and examination of the child is must for evidence-based and ethical child care.

Expert pediatrician advice: the event

This event was hosted on 21st October 2018 at Ignite-Incubator & Co-working Space, Aditya Silver Oak college, S. G. Highway, Ahmedabad. Dr. Amruta did not give a speech on any particular topic but had an open one to one discussion where we asked her questions and she answered all our questions happily and provided deep knowledge on the topic.

Questions that were discussed

The participants asked some interesting questions. These questions included the following

  • Weight gain among the kids aged 10-15 years?
  • The behavioral pattern in kids
  • Whether to give curd or banana to kids when having cough and cold?
  • The effect the junk food has on a kids health.

Weight gain among the kids aged 10-15 years?

One of the parents asked a question regarding their kids’ weight gain. The doctor explained that from the age of 10 years onwards the kid’s body starts producing hormones, that help the body enter into the adolescent age (more commonly known as teen-age). These hormones not only lead to the issue of weight gain but also bring emotional changes in the kid’s behavior.

The behavioral pattern in kids

When the pediatrician was asked about the behavioral pattern in kids she gave her expert pediatrician advice that sometimes the kids are born with some kind of their own nature. Some kids may be shy, or outspoken or naughty. But, if you feel that there is something wrong with your kid’s behavior, or if the kid is not able to follow certain instructions, then you should talk to the pediatrician first. The pediatrician may ask certain questions, do some tests and then direct you in a proper manner. You may just need to give the kid some more time or you may need to approach a pediatric psychologist.

Whether to give curd or banana to kids while having cough and cold?

Most of us believe that either the banana and curd are the cause for a cough and cold or when the kid is having a cough and cold we should not give them banana and curd. But, according to expert pediatrician advice, unless and until we know that kid is allergic to banana or curd, there is no harm in giving banana or curd to the child.

The effect of junk food on a kids health

Lot of us have the habit of giving chocolate or ice-cream to the kids. We sometimes also bribe them with chocolate, biscuits etc. Most of the weekends we eat outside and we end up feeding fast food like pizza and burgers. Bread, cheese, and chocolate based foods are not good for our metabolism. Kids should not eat fast food regularly.

Ignite Incubator and co-working space is one of the largest coworking space of Gujarat spread over the area of 20,000 sq ft. It has the capacity of about 300 people with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Himali Parikh
Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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