Conception: the beginning of a new life in the uterus


Pregnancy is the best part of a woman’s life. But, do you know how this starts. The entire process of journey towards the motherhood starts with the process called conception. Only after you conceive the cell division starts and then after nine months you give birth to a beautiful baby.

Here we will get a detailed overview of the entire process of conception and we will also know how there is the beginning of a new life inside a woman’s uterus.


The moment when the egg, that is produced in your ovaries meets the sperm, that has entered your body through ejaculation is called conception and the entire process is called conceiving.

Most of the women do not know the exact time when they have conceived. Hence the date of their last periods is used as the date of the beginning of pregnancy and likewise the due date is calculated by the doctor or midwife.

the egg with cilia
the egg with cilia


sperm fertilizing the egg
sperm fertilizing the egg






14 days after your particular period cycle egg is released from one of your ovaries. This egg travels through the Fallopian tube. This process is called ovulation. Then the egg takes about 12 to 24 hrs, to reach to the uterus. This is called the wait period.  During ejaculation, millions of sperms enter through vagina. But, out of these only a few hundreds survive to reach the egg inside the Fallopian tube. One of these sperms penetrates the waiting egg. This process is called conception. Now the woman is two weeks pregnant.



The fertilized egg is called a zygote. The zygote keeps on multiplying. It slips through the Fallopian tubes and enters the uterus. In uterus it embeds itself into the walls of uterus to gain nutrition and starts developing. And this entire process is conception: the beginning of new life.

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  1. It is fascinating to study and observe the beginning of new life in any form. The entire process is beautifully described in this blog. keep up the good writing.


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