6 Different reasons breastfeeding is important for you and your baby


Breastfeeding is given utmost importance in the development of a baby and for the health of the mother. After the baby is born immediately after an hour or so the doctor and the nurse will come and help you sit and ask you to try and breastfeed your baby. You will also get a visit from the lactation expert to see whether your milk supply is enough for the baby or not. The lactation expert and the doctor’s will also help you find a comfortable position for you and your baby to latch. But, why so much fuss about breastfeeding. Here we will discuss 6 different reasons breastfeeding is important for you and your baby.

6 Different reasons breastfeeding is important for you and your baby

It is always said that breastfeeding does a lot of good for the baby, but did you know breastfeeding also helped mother in her process of healing post delivery. Here is the list of few different reasons breastfeeding is important for you and your baby

  • Bonding with the baby
  • Boosts the immune system of the baby
  • Protects the baby from SIDS
  • Prevention of Postpartum depression in mothers
  • Reduces risks of some types of cancers
  • Helps a mother’s recovery post delivery

Bonding with the baby

After the birth of the baby, it is very necessary that the mother and the baby bond well with each other. The bonding will help the baby feel the warmth and care of the mother’s body and help in the good growth and development of the baby. The bonding process also helps develop feelings of care and responsibility towards the baby in a mother. And all this becomes possible very easily while the mother is breastfeeding her kid.

Boosts the immune system of the body

The first milk that the mother’s body produces for the baby is called colostrum, this milk is rich in antibody called Immunoglobulin A. This Immunoglobulin A forms a protective layer on the mucous membranes of various organs of your baby’s body and protects the body from the invading germs. The protection that breastfeeding gives to your baby against diseases lasts beyond the stage of breastfeeding and protects the baby even when he or she grows up.

Protects the baby from SIDS

Certain studies show that breastfeeding reduces the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) in infants. If the baby is breastfed for about a month, the chances of SIDS are reduced by 50%.

Prevention of Postpartum depression in mothers

Breastfeeding also helps in reducing the chances of Postpartum depression in mothers. The mothers who breastfeed their babies are at a lower risk of Postpartum depression as compared to mothers who bottle feed their babies or have stopped breastfeeding earlier. The studies show that during breastfeeding the mother’s body releases a particular hormone called oxytocin, which promotes relaxation. Also, while breastfeeding the baby, the mother may get some rest from the household work, which in turn provides some rest to the mother. This also helps the mother in relaxing a lot.

Reduces the risk of some type of cancers

Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women. The longer the women the breastfeed, the lower the risk of these cancers. Breastfeeding brings structural changes into a woman’s breast that helps prevent breast cancer. Also, lactation suppresses the amount of estrogen in women. This helps in the prevention of breast cancer. The lower estrogen levels also reduces the chances of ovarian cancers.

Helps a mother’s recovery post delivery

Breastfeeding your baby increases the contractions in uterus. It helps in bringing the uterus at its proper position faster, providing quick recovery. Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of excessive bleeding post delivery.

These are the 6 different reasons breastfeeding is important for you and your baby.

Himali Parikhhttps://momabc.net
Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of MomABC.net. She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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