Flavored milk: The benefits of giving flavored milk to kids

Milk is considered to be a whole food full of all the essential nutrients. The early lactation milk contains colostrum which is the main source of nutrients for the newborn baby. It contains all the immunity boosters and immunoglobulins that help develop a baby’s immune system. Milk is primarily produced in the mammary glands of mammalian species to help their newborns to survive through initial months into the world. Other than that milk is produced by other animals like cows, buffaloes, goats and many more. This milk is rich in proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, natural vitamins, fats, and many other nutrients.  Milk also helps in maintaining the bone health and bone density of your body. A lot of kids do not like plain milk and hence parents tend to add chocolate or strawberry milk powder to their milk. So, is flavored milk good for kids or not. Let us have a look at it. 

flavored milk
flavored milk

Is flavored milk good for kids?

Well, as opposed to the popular belief that flavored milk contains a lot of chemicals and other foreign materials and it contains artificial flavors, so it is not good for kids. I would say that it is good for kids. For most of the kids not giving flavored milk may result in more harm than good. Here are the reasons why it is good for kids.

  • A kid does not drink milk
  • Your kid is a fussy eater
  • The kid’s overall growth rate is not up to the mark

A kid does not drink milk

Most of the kids today do not like the taste of plain milk.  As a result of which, the milk intake reduces drastically once the kid grows up. This deprives the kid of the natural ingredients and nutrients that milk possesses and which are very important for a kids growth and development. Flavored milk helps a lot in this case. So, the child will like to drink it and will get all the necessary nutrients.

Your kid  is a fussy eater

A lot of times the kid is a fussy eater and does not really eat anything.  The kid does not get nutrients from food as well. Hence, the kid will end up with nutrition deficiency. Apart from other nutrients that a kid receives from food, it is required that a kid has three full glasses of milk. But, most of the kids do not get this. As a result, it is advisable to give your kid a glass full of flavored milk. As a result of which, the kid will get the best of taste and all the required nutrients in a balanced manner. 

The kids overall growth rate is not up to the mark

Sometimes even after eating regular meals and everything, your kid might not be getting enough required nutrients. The kids’ immune system may be weak and this can lead to the low growth rate of the child as compared to other children. At that time a pediatrician may prescribe flavored milk immune system boosters to your kid to improve his or her own health. 

Benefits of drinking flavored milk

We believe that flavored milk contains high sugar content. But, according to recent research, it is said that flavored chocolate or strawberry milk contain a permissible amount of sugars. Soft drinks and non-carbonated beverages contain about 40% of artificial sugar and flavored milk only 4%. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, there is some room for added sugars in beverages and flavored milk fits well into that criteria. Flavored milk is advisable for kids. 

The other findings suggest that adding flavor to the plain milk is a cheap alternative to make it palatable and as a result of which, the kids will consume it more eagerly. The recommended intake of milk is 2 to 3 glasses a day. Most of the time kids do not meet it. Making the milk palatable with the help of chocolate and strawberry powders help bridge this gap and as a result of it, the kid ends up getting more nutrients. 

There is no connection in between consumption of flavored milk and increase in body weight or having tooth decay or cavities. 

Due to all of the above discussion. The benefits of flavored milk are greater and we should give it a try.  Please do let me know your views in the comment section below.