Baby Nursery: Tips and Tricks To Complete Your Nursery

A baby nursery is a sacred place, often the first room your child will call their own. It’s also a space where you can express your creativity and individuality as a parent. Whether it’s an antique rocking chair or a modern-day crib, there are many decisions to be made when decorating this special room. Here are some tips and tricks that every new parent should know about before they start their baby nursery!

Baby Nursery: Tips and Tricks To Complete Your Nursery

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Location, Location, Location

Try to place the nursery close to your bedroom if possible. This will make it easier for feedings at night and more convenient when you need that extra hour of sleep! 


Start with a basic nursery set up including the crib, dresser, and changing table. Once you feel more comfortable after the baby arrives, you can add other pieces to make this space your own! You will need the crib foryourlittleone right after they are born as well as a dresser to store all those precious clothes! The changing table is another essential piece.

A nursery is not complete without storage. Make sure there are enough shelves in your closet for all those diapers and wipes.

Keep It Simple

Don’t go overboard by filling the entire nursery with too many things you don’t need or want! You will find yourself wondering why you spent so much money on items that your child is not even touching let alone playing with. Keep it practical, keep it simple and most of all make sure everything has a home to be put away at the end of the day.

Color Scheme

It’s common for parents to have trouble finding that perfect color scheme for the nursery. It’s okay if your walls are a different color than your furniture, just try to decide on a theme before you start painting! A neutral-colored room allows you to add pops of bright colors in accessories and toys while still being able to mix and match all those super cute outfits that babies have.


Be sure to have an overhead lamp or two, for those late-night feedings. A dimmer switch is also a great idea so you can adjust the lighting to your liking! If possible try not to place it over the crib as this may be dangerous.

Personal Touch

Customize the space to make it your own. A nursery is a special place, don’t be afraid to add personal touches when decorating! Whether you choose antique furniture or modern pieces, adding memories such as photos and handprints will give this room that extra touch of love and sentimentality for years to come. Hang up keepsakes such as paintings and drawings from friends and family, it’s a great way to add your personal touch!

Nursery Essentials

You will need the essentials for the baby in this space. Keep necessities like diapers, wipes, diaper rash cream, etc. all within arms reach while still allowing enough room for other necessities like a changing table and dresser. Here is the list of Baby nursery essentials that you should think of purchasing

Crib, Cradle, or Basinet

A Crib, Cradle, or a Basinet for you and your baby to sleep comfortably. There are a variety of Cribs, Cradles or Basinets available. Check the best of them out.

Delta Children Essex 4 in 1 convertible baby crib

Delta Children Essex 4-in-1 Crib
Delta Children Essex 4-in-1 Crib

The crib grows with the child and converts into a toddler bed, a day bed, and a sofa day bed.

Has a toddler guard rail which is sold separately

The Crib has stylish angeled legs in solid pine.

Adjustable height mattress support with 3 convenient positions to grow with.

It uses a standard sized mattress sold separately.

The size of the assembled crib is 54″L X 29.50″D X 34″H.




You can purchase it from here.

Electric Crib Craddle for babies

Electric Crib Craddle
Electric Crib Craddle
  • It is controlled with a remote control. The speed levels are 1,2, and 3.
  • Has a timer function which automatically shuts it down and does not allow it to run for a long time.
  • The Cradle uses abs material and thick steel pipe to ensure baby’s safety. Has a safety fixed belt designed to prevent side turning.
  • The baby has more activity space and the crib craddle lengthens the design to 180 degree.
  • The inner layer thickens with the mattress and lies flat to prevent the babies spine from damaging.
  • The mattress has a breathable material and the baby gets a nice comfortable sleep.
  • Has a MP3 music playback function and protective net to protect the babies against mosquitoes and other insects.



You can purchase it from here.

Baby Monitor

Baby Monitor is a very important part of the baby Nursery. You can keep any eye over your baby even when you are doing some other work at the other end of the house. Have a look a these Smart Baby Monitor’s

flat baby mattress

You will need a flat baby mattress both for the kids crib as well as the craddle, so that, the baby’s spine does not get affected. Here are some flat baby mattresses to consider.

Graco Crib foam mattress

Graco Baby foam Mattress
Graco Baby foam Mattress
  • The mattress has been screened for over 10,000 chemicals and Volatile organic compounds to keep your baby safe and sound.
  • The mattress is also CERTI-PUR certified which means it is made without ozone depleters and heavy metals.
  • Mattress is also easy to clean. It comes with removable cover, which is water-resistant, machine washable.
  • It is firm and has breathable foam for the kids safer sleep.
  • Crib and toddler mattress ships compressed in a easy to carry and ship box.
  • The dimensions of this mattress are 52″L X 27.6″W X 5″H.
  • The weight of this mattress is 7 pounds.



You can purchase it from here.

Fitted crib sheets

Fitted crib sheets are very important for your baby’s crib. If you do not have fitted crib sheet, then the baby might hurt himself or herself from the wood of the crib. So, this is used to protect the baby.

American Baby Company Fitted Crib Sheet

Fitted Crib Sheet
Fitted Crib Sheet
  • It is 100 percent Cotton Jersey
  • The Dimensions of this fitted crib sheet are 28″ X 52″ X 9″.
  • The Crib Sheets offer a warm t-shirt like comfort to the baby.
  • Available in a variety of colors according to your choice
  • Snug fit with 9″ deep pockets and elastic trim to fit snuggly around the mattress.
  • It comes at a great price.



You can purchase it from here.

Diaper changing table

Diaper changing table is necessary in a baby’s nursery. You will need a changing station, to change your baby’s diapers and Diaper changing table will help you with that. Here are some of the options for Diaper changing table.

Delta Children Eclipse changing table

Delta Diaper Changing Table
Delta Diaper Changing Table
  • It is made up of wood
  • Includes water-resistant changing pad with safety straps.
  • Features two fixed shelves for open storage
  • This table is tested for lead and other toxic elements. Safety rails encloses all four sides on the top to protect the kid.
  • It meets all anti-tipping standards. The dimensions of this product are 35.25″W X 21.50″D X 36.7″H
  • This item is easy to assemble
  • This item is elligible for free replacement of parts.



You can purchase it from here.

White noise machine

A White noise machine is helpful in making kid sleep peacefully. Let us have a look at a few white noise machines

Hatch baby Rest Sound Machine

Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine
  • It is a multifunctional product. It combines nightlight, sound machine, and time to rise alert.
  • It is very easy to use Rest can be programmed to turn on automatically, can be controlled by a phone, or can be turned on manually. You can control remotely with the help of Hatch Baby rest app.
  • Grows and evolves with your child’s needs. Soft light and white noise for midnight feeding sessions, the comfort of a night light for a preschooler, and a time to rise for your older kid.
  • Creates the ideal sleeping environment for your kid.



You can purchase it from here.

Diaper pail

Diaper pail is a necessity in your nursery. You will also want a place where you want to dispose off. Here have a look at the diaper pail that is available in the market and that you can purchase.

Ubbi steel odour locking diaper pail

ubbi steel diaper pail
ubbi steel diaper pail
  • You do not need any special bags, refills or inserts. Hence, it saves a lot of your money.
  • The Ubbi diaper pail has earned nine awards and has gained the confidence of the parents.
  • This is not like plastic. It is made of steel, and hence keeps the smell from getting out.
  • It is simple to use and you can start using it right out of the box.
  • The product also has a childproof lock which keeps the little hands away from the diaper pail



You can purchase it from here.


It is very important to swaddle a baby. Let us have a look at how to swaddle a baby. You can purchase the swaddle that you like for your baby.

Room Temperature

Room temperature is essential to a baby’s comfort and well-being. You can monitor room temperature easily with an inexpensive thermometer you place on the wall. If your baby’s room is too hot or cold, you can dress her in warmer clothes or use a fan to cool the air.

As you can see, there are many decisions to be made when decorating your baby’s nursery. Keeping in mind these tips and tricks will set the tone for this special space while adding functionality that every parent needs!