Baby nail cutting: All you want to know about it

Cutting your baby’s nails !! That sounds scary right. To bring a pointed thing near to your loved one without hurting him or her is a daunting task to do. But, will have to do this task frequently. Remember that your baby’s nails have been growing even while your baby is inside your womb. So, there are chances that your little one will be ready for his or her first manicure right after birth. You will have to start cutting or trimming your baby’s nails sooner than your expected. So, here are a few tips on baby nail cutting to follow.

When to cut baby’s nails?

Your baby’s nails grow very quickly and it is understandable if you are worried that your baby might scratch its face or other parts of the body. But, baby’s nails are very soft and they can wear off on their own or you can also peel them off with your fingers until you get the knack off trimming your baby’s nails with a baby nail cutter or a baby scissor. You will need to trim your baby’s nails every two to three days in the beginning and afterward once a week. The baby’s toenails do not grow very quickly so, they do not need a lot of trimming like the fingernails. You can either use baby nail scissors, a baby nail cutter, or an emery board to file your little munchkins nails. 

Tips to use for baby nail cutting

When you cut your newborn’s nails you should make sure that the baby is not moving a lot. Make sure that either the baby is drowsy, fast asleep, or very calm. You should use specially designed baby scissors with rounded tips so that you don’t accidentally poke the baby if he or she gets startled and moves suddenly while you are working on the baby’s nails. You can also use a clipper designed for the purpose. Some also have an in-built magnifying glass that helps you cut a baby’s nails. Here are some tips on baby nail cutting that you should follow

  • Make sure that you have plenty of light when you are cutting the baby’s nails so that you can see clearly and not poke or deep cut the baby’s nails.
  • Work with your husband or someone else if possible. One person can hold the baby while you are trimming the baby’s nails.
  • Talk calmly or sing your baby’s favorite rhyme to your baby.
  • Try distracting your baby with a toy or activity. This usually works well.
  • While clipping the baby’s nails you should hold your baby’s finger and press the fingertip down and away from the nail.
  • Gently cut following the natural curve of the nail taking care that you don’t go too low and nip the quick.
  • Trim toenails straight across to prevent ingrown toenails. Keep in mind that the toenails grow slowly and you do not need to cut them frequently.
  • Make the activity fun by making a game of it.

Most of the time it is the easiest to cut the baby’s nail when he or she is sleeping. So, the best approach would be to keep a nail clipper in your diaper bag wherever you go and then clip them as soon as you get a chance to do it. 

Nibble baby’s nails- A Big No !!!!

Some people may suggest nibbling the baby’s nails. But, no you should not do it that way. If you nibble your baby’s nails then you will transfer the germs that are in your mouth to your baby’s nails and eventually into the baby’s mouth. Also while nibbling the little one’s nails you might just bight off too much portion of the nail. 

What to do if you cut a baby’s finger while nail cutting?

I know you might be feeling awful about it. But, believe me, this can happen with any well-intentioned parent who is trimming the baby’s nails. The first and foremost thing that you should keep in mind is that do not apply a bandage on the finger as it may act as a choking hazard for your baby if it comes off. Just take a clean lint-free piece of cloth and gently put it over the wound with a little pressure. This way the bleeding will stop soon and you will be good to go. 

Best Baby Nail cutting accessories for 2021

Now that you have known the tips to cut your baby’s nails, here is the list of the best baby nail cutting kit that is available in the market.

The First Years American red cross deluxe nail clipper

First American Red Cross deluxe nail clipper
First American Red Cross Deluxe Nail clipper
  • It is a plastic nail clipper with stainless steel blades.
  • The nail clipper comes with a fold-away 4X magnifying glass to increase confidence while clipping your baby’s nails.
  • Has an ergonomic sure-grip shape that is sized and scaled for tiny fingers and tiny nails. 
  • The nail clipper is suitable for the age group birth and up.




You can purchase it from here.

Lupantte electric baby nail trimmer with light

Lupantte electric baby nail trimmer with light for baby nail cutting
Lupantte Electric Baby nail trimmer with light
  • It is a very safe and effective baby nail trimmer that does not damage the very soft cuticles or soft nail beds of the baby’s nails.
  • Has a whisper-quiet motor and LED front light to help trim and polish your baby nails even when they are sleeping or having their midnight feed. You -do not even need to turn on the room light.
  • The nail trimmer comes with a safe electric baby nail file which has 3 cushioned sandpapers safe for babies and kids of all ages. The other 3 attachments are provided for adult use.
  • It has 5 modes R1-Low speed clockwise, R2- High-speed clockwise, “0” is for off. L1-Low speed reverse, L2- High-speed reverse. The low-speed arrangement is for the babies and the high-speed is for the adults. 
  • It is better to keep this nail trimmer out of reach of children to avoid accidental swallowing.




You can purchase it from here.

Simba baby safety scissors

Simba baby safety scissors for baby nail cutting
Simba Baby Safety scissors
  • It has a short thin blade to cut baby nails from all angles.
  • The tips of the scissor are rounded for infant safety.
  • Blade of the scissor is made of stainless steel.
  • The pointed end of the scissor is usually covered with a protective cover.




You can purchase it from here.

So, this is all we wanted to share with you regarding baby nail cutting. If you know of something else, please let us know in the comments section below.