3 best pilgrim places in india that are good to travel with kids

Travelling and going out of station need a lot of planning. And travelling with kids needs you to be proactive and decide your trip a month before and have multiple options in mind for the kid. You need to do a lot of research beforehand and then plan your destination, when travelling with kids. Especially when the kids are small or below five years of age, you also need to be careful that the kid is not eating any wrong food during travelling and make sure that the kid gets fresh food. Travelling with kids need lot of planning. Here are 3 best pilgrim places in India that are good to travel with kids.

3 best pilgrim places in India that are good to travel with kids

India has a lot of pilgrim places and you will be travelling to any one of the pilgrim places sooner or later. Here are the 3 best pilgrim places in India that are good to travel with kids. Two of these three places are located in Gujarat and one in Rajasthan. These 3 places are

  • Dwarka
  • Somnath
  • Nathdwara


dwarika temple
dwarika temple

Dwarka is the pilgrimage place located on the western shore of okhamandal peninsula. It is one of the foremost chardhams located on the western coast of India. Dwarka is considered to be the first capital of Gujarat. Lord Krishna settled over here and made Dwarka his capital. It has a beautiful sea shore.

Dwarka can be reached by air, train and by road also. By air the nearest airport is the Jamnagar airport located 45 km from Dwarka. Dwarka is well connected by train on the okha route of trains. By road Dwarka can be reached by  travelling on Ahmedabad rajkot Jamnagar highway.

We had planned a trip to dwarka in the month of February this year. We were travelling from Ahmedabad. It is at a eight hour driving distance from ahmedabad. We started early in the morning and reached dwarka at about 3 o’clock in the afternoon. We had some snacks in the hotel. The food was really good and the hotels usually provide special on request kids friendly food. We did the darshan of dwarkadhish temple in the evening.

Dwarka has the best seashore. It is really nice and calm over there in the evening. We used to spend the evening sitting on the sea shore and enjoying with our munchkin.

playing at dwarka
playing at dwarka
enjoying on sea shore
enjoying on sea shore

Tourist attraction places in dwarka

There are a lot of tourist attraction places in and around dwarka. The list of these places is as follows

  • Dwarkadhish temple
  • Beyt dwarka
  • Nageshwar jyotirlinga
  • Rukshmani mandir
  • Gopi talav
  • Gomti ghat
  • Sudama setu
  • Lighthouse

The details of these different tourist attractions can be found at https://www.tripadvisor.in/Attractions-g660182-Activities-Dwarka_Devbhumi_Dwarka_District_Gujarat.html

The beach and the bazaar in dwarka are fabulous. The bazaar are filled with lot of good and cheap items to buy. The beach is fabulous and the kids can play a lot on the beach.


somnath temple
somnath templw

The somnath temple is the jyotirlinga. It is the temple of lord Shiva located on the western coast of India, on the sea shore of Arabian sea. The somnath temple is believed to be destroyed and restored to its glory seven times. It is believed that the somnath temple was first built by the moon god in silver, then by the sun god in gold, in wood by lord Krishna and in stones by the solanki rajputs. The wealth and the riches of the somnath temple brought a series of invasions by the foreign invaders. The present day somnath temple was built in 1951. The temple has the spectacular view of the Arabian ocean. It is not safe for swimming.

The somnath temple is located in prabhas patan near veraval in saurashtra on the western coast of Gujarat state of India.

Somnath is well connected by trains and through highway. To go to somnath by train you need to reach ahmedabad and then take the direct train to somnath. By road it is 390 km away from ahmedabad and 200 km away from Rajkot.

Travelling to Somnath

We took the direct train from Ahmedabad to Somnath. The train leaves at around 10:00 pm daily from ahmedabad and reaches somnath the other day morning 8:00 AM. This we felt was the best option for us, while travelling with our daughter who was two and a half year old. We had already booked a room through somnath trust website www.somnath.org. We reached our hotel the room was pretty good and the hotel was providing fresh and hot breakfast, which was kid friendly as well. After that we decided to visit and have a darshan of the somnath mahadev temple.

Tourist attraction places near Somnath

There are various tourist places near Somnath. The list of these tourist places and how to reach over there can be found at http://www.gujarattourism.com/hub/destination/6/261. You can also book a taxi from below the hotel and visit other site seeing places near somnath.


3 best pilgrim places in india that are good to travel with kids

Nathdwara is a town located in the state of Rajasthan, located on the western part of India. It is one of the biggest pilgrim places for vaishnavites in India. It is located around 48 km away from Udaipur. Nathdwara means gateway to lord Krishna.

Originally the Lord shrinathji was worshipped at Jatipura, Mathura. It was shifted from Mathura in the seventeenth century to protect the idol from the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. The idol was detained for six month at Agra. It is believed that when the idol reached the sinhad village in Rajasthan, the wheels of the bullock cart transporting the idol sank deep into the mud. The priests realised that the god wants to reside over here. Then the shrinathji temple was built by maharana Raj singh of Mewar.

Travel to Nathdwara

Nathdwara is well connected by road and by air from Udaipur. We took an overnight sleeper bus from Ahmedabad to Nathdwara. With our daughter, we prefer journeys by bus or by train. These journeys are really easy. The bus started at around 11 pm and reached at 5 am in the morning.

Accomodation and food

We had booked our room at damodar dham hotel through nathdwara trust website. The hotel was really good and neat and clean. The restaurant below provided really good food. The food was kids friendly. Then we visited  the Nathdwara temple for the Rajbhog darshan. We had a really nice darshan. The prasad at Nathdwara is really yummy. There are also a lot of street food options at Nathdwara.

The nathdwara bazaar has a lot of good and cheap shopping items. The shopping lovers can go crazy buying a lot of things over there.

These are the few places that we visited with our daughter and learned that these places are really kids friendly to visit and should be on the traveling list of all the parents.