Valentine’s Day with kids: 7 different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with Kids


valentine's day with kids
valentine’s day with kids

The season of valentine and roses is in the air. Celebrating Valentine’s Day holds a very special position in our heart and in our life. Valentine’s Day is celebrated almost like a mini festival in all the countries of the world. People usually celebrate this day with their spouses and husband. Showering them with flowers and gifts. We all of us make plans to go out with our partners or go for a movie or go for candle light dinners etc. You should also have good gift ideas for women in your life.

The plans for Valentine’s Day are possible when you do not have kids. But, what if, you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your kids? It is a great opportunity for you to show how much you love the kids and for the kids to show their love and respect for elders and near dear ones.

Here are a few different ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with kids

  • Show your love and affection to kids
  • Plan an outing with kids
  • Get cooking
  • Decorate the house
  • Help kids celebrate Valentine’s Day at school
  • Read Valentine’s Day special books
  • Enjoy the day with your family

Show your love and affection to kids

You always love your kids a lot. But, today is a special day to show your love and affection. You can buy a rose or a bunch of roses and a Valentine’s Day card for your kid. You can hide it in their room at night, give it to them in the morning or hide it in their back packs and let them find it on their own.  This will give a really good surprise to the kid.

Plan an outing with kids

If you and your hubby are into the habit of going for an outing on the Valentine’s Day, you can definitely think of planning an outing with kids. You can inquire and do a research on the kids’ friendly places where you can have fun with your family and plan your trip accordingly. There are a lot of places which have lot of fun things to do with kids. You can visit these places and enjoy your Valentine’s Day with your family.

Get cooking

heart shape cookiesYou can make some innovative dish for Valentine’s Day at your home and make it the very year tradition of the family. Be it the simplest like cutting the bread toast with a heart shaped cookie cutter, spreading it with raspberry jam and sprinkling powdered sugar over it accompanied with a thick berry milk shake or baking a cake or baking cookies. You can always take help of your kids little hands. They will be more then excited to help you in this family tradition.

Decorate the house

You can always decorate your house on Valentine’s Day with heart shaped red and white balloons and home-made different colored heart shaped ring strings. You can hang the strings on the wall. You can also prepare a banner of “Happy Valentine’s Day” and hang it on the wall. Kids can always help you in decorating the house and hanging the balloons.

Help kids celebrate Valentine’s Day at school

If the school permits then you can get some flowers and help your kid in giving them to all the teachers. You can also help the kid in making home-made greeting cards for his or her teachers. Why not teach the kid to love and respect the teachers who teach him or her values of life?

You can also ask the kid to take with him home-made heart shaped cookies that he or she can share with everyone at school.

Read Valentine’s Day special books to the kids

You can always sit with your kids and read to them the stories of Valentine’s Day like “Happy Valentine’s Day, Curious George” or “Fancy Nancy: Heart to Heart”. Reading stories and books to kids are always a good pastime and family time together.

Enjoy the day with your family

You can always be with your family and enjoy the day with them. You can cook a good meal and enjoy the day with them. You can also have a good time watching family movie with your family and kids and make the Valentine’s Day special for them.

Himali Parikh
Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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