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Your child is really precious. You need a good baby stroller where you can place your kid, when you are having a walk, or buying groceries or doing other things. A good baby stroller will keep your kid snug and comfortable and will fit properly. Strollers are a very popular gift for babies at baby showers and for first birthdays. But, before buying a stroller randomly you need to check all the criteria and see that the particular stroller meets your expectation and budget.

The price of a baby stroller may range from $100 to $1000. You may feel why so much price variation. Well this price variation depends on the various modern features in the stroller, modern styling and lot of other things. In order to choose a good baby stroller take a stroll with couple of strollers around the store and check how comfortable you are using it.  There are various different brands selling best baby strollers. Getting a good stroller does not mean that you have to spend your entire wealth onto it. At the end what matters to you is the most important.

baby stroller
baby stroller

Tips to buy a good baby stroller

Here are a few tips on how to buy a good baby stroller. At the end you are the best judge on which stroller is the best for you and your little one. These tips will help you sharpen your skills during purchasing a good stroller. Here are the few criteria

  • Age of the baby
  • Safety features of the stroller
  • Test drive of the stroller
  • Check certification

Age of the baby

According to the age of your kid there are two types of strollers that you can purchase. These include the following

  • Strollers for newborn to six months old
  • Baby strollers for six months to 3+ years

Strollers for newborn to six months old

When you are travelling with a newborn you need a different type of stroller then when your baby is more than six months old. Newborn babies do not have head and neck control and need a travel system that reclines fully or need a carrier. These type of strollers include the following

  • All in one travel system
  • Infant car seat carrier
All in one travel system

All in one travel system is more like baby strollers with car seat. These travel systems have all the necessary items for a newborn baby and also for older babies. The travel systems are bigger and heavier. But, there is the benefit that once the baby has outgrown the infant car seat, you can still use it for your little one without the car seat. Certain travel systems can be used for newborn babies without the car seat. The seat of these travel systems can recline to almost flat angle. On the whole a travel system is of good value for the parents who have purchased it.

Infant car seat carrier

From newborn to an age where the infant outgrows the infant car seat, you can use the infant car seat carrier. If you are travelling with your baby a lot in a car and take the baby in and out of car often, then these car seat carriers are really handy. These are light in weight. There are Universal carrier frames. Car seats of any company and model can get attached to them. Other car seat carriers can be attached to car seats of the same make and model. These usually are easy to operate and make your life way much more easier. The stroller frames are less costly and are super handy.

Baby strollers for six months to three plus years

Once your baby is six or more months old, the baby has head and neck control and may have learned to sit up. At that time the stroller you  choose depends on various factors like where you are taking a stroll, are you using public transport or driving in a car and lot more other factors.

If you use public transport make sure that the stroller you use is lightweight, sturdy and easy to fold. Heavy strollers and travel systems are easy to push while having a walk, but, they may not be a good option while travelling in a public transport or climbing up stairs. When using a car make sure that the stroller fits easily into the boot space of the car.

Safety features of the stroller

It is very important that the stroller is safe for you and your baby and has all the safety features. Here is the list of safety features that you should consider before buying a good baby stroller

  • 5 point safety harness
  • Hinges and edges of the stroller
  • Brakes of the stroller wheels
  • Seat reclination
  • Travel system functioning

5 point safety harness

5 point safety harness are a must to have for baby strollers these days. Check the straps of the harness and make sure that they are easy to buckle and hard to unbuckle for a baby. These safety harness protects your baby from getting hurt. A few umbrella strollers also have three point safety harness.

Hinges and edges of the stroller

Always check the hinges and edges of any baby product that you purchase. Baby stroller is no exception into it. Check that the hinges and edges are smooth and there are no points where little fingers get stuck and your baby gets hurt.

Brakes of the stroller wheels

Check the brakes of the stroller wheels. See that your feet are not hitting the brakes unintentionally. Also, check that the brakes are easy to operate and they are fully functional when the stroller is at a stop with the baby in it.

Seat reclination

When you intend to buy a stroller for your newborn baby, check that the seat reclines to an almost flat position. This is a must for newborn babies.

Travel system functioning

If you are purchasing a travel system (baby strollers with car seat), then check that the car seat clicks properly and easily into the stroller.  Also check out how the car seat fits into the stroller.

Test drive of the stroller

When you want to purchase a baby stroller always make a point to take a stroll with different strollers in the shop. This way you can also decide which one is perfect for you to handle with ease.

Check certification

Before you buy any stroller, check the certificates of the stroller. According to federal rules and regulations the baby strollers should comply with the following rules and regulations. This safety standard is 16 CFR parts 1112 and part 1227 which incorporates the latest version of ASTM stroller safety standard F833-15.

You should also check for the label that states that the manufacturer has taken part in certification program Juvenile Products Manufacturer Association (JPMA). The key tests in this program involve all the safety features of the baby stroller.

These are the few tips that you should follow to buy stroller for your baby.


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