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Kids are highly active and curious about a lot of things in life. We should satiate their curiosity and encourage them to gain more and more knowledge. The best way for the kids to gain more knowledge and learn new things is by reading books and storybooks. Reading storybooks play a major role in the development of the kid. The fictional storybooks help develop the imagination power of the kid, while non-fiction books help the kid in gaining more and more knowledge. But, which book the kid should read totally depends on the age group of the child. Storybooks for kids are like a meal for their brain, which needs to be fed regularly just like their stomachs. 

The different age groups of children read different storybooks. So, here is the list of books for every age group of the child. These age groups are as follows

  • Storybooks for toddlers (0-5yrs age)
  • Storybooks for children (5-10yrs age)

Storybooks for kids (0-5yrs age)

Toddlers are curious little beings who love to explore everything surrounding them and have lots of questions about it. Sometimes we as parents also do not know how to explain certain facts about various things to them. Well, books help us a lot into it. You may also notice that there is a wide difference between the understanding of a one-year-old who has just learned to talk and that of a three to a four-year-old kid. Means that the best books for these diverse age group of children are the ones that not only meet their curiosity but also encourage them to learn and implement new things. 

Toddlers like books with bold pictures and big handwriting with few numbers of words and lots of pictures. Toddlers have their own ways to learn and love books that can tickle their sense of imagination and make them laugh. So, here are the set of best books for toddlers. These are the best storybooks for toddlers

Black bird yellow sun

black bird yellow sun

This interesting book of colors will immediately get your toddler into cooking up their own story on what the yellow bird is doing on the green grass and under the purple grapes. This book highly promotes storytelling skills from the age of toddlers. 


Around $7.00


You can purchase it from here.

Fantastic flowers

fantastic flowers

With colorful paintings and rhyming words, this book introduces the toddlers to more than 15 different types of flowers. The book also has details on the type of flowers in a way that a toddler between 2 to 5 years of age can understand and totally develops the kids’ imagination. 




You can purchase it from here.

Five-minute stories: Over 50 tales and fables

five minute stories

This book has fifty treasure love stories which can just be finished within 5 minutes. In today’s world, if the parents are busy, even then they can keep their promise given to the kids. There are more than 50 easy to read stories. There are some of the well-loved stories from around the world.




You can purchase it from here.

What are stars?

what are stars?

A little toddlers’ head is filled with lots of questions. Among them, the toddlers have lots of questions about stars that they see in the sky. This book is the lift-the-flap book, which teaches toddlers about stars. 




You can purchase it from here.

Touch think learn vehicles

Touch think learn vehicles

The toddlers will love to touch and explore the inside and outside of their favorite vehicles. This book is really cool with lots of cutouts. 




You can purchase it from here.

Storybooks for kids (5 to 10 years)

There are different set of storybooks for 5 to 10 years of age. As the toddlers keep growing, the books that should be read to them also changes. So, here is the list of books that should be read to the children. 

I Promise

I promise

This books teaches to kids the importance of hardwork and also teaches them that inorder to achieve something tomorrow, we need to start working for them today. This book is also a great gift for elder people.




You can purchase it from here.

Alligators all around

Alligators all around (Nutshell library) introduces the Sendak’s family of alligators, which has become the new favorite among the kids and has helped a lot in making the kids understand about alphabets. The new board book edition is also a must have.




You can purchase it from here.

From head to toe

from head to toe

It is more fun to learn about different body parts and their functions while wriggling and dancing your way around. You can also clap and romp around some of the funniest jungle animals. 




You can purchase it from here.

5 Minute Marvel stories

5 minute marvel stories

This story book has perfect 5 minute reading length stories for each and every Avenger. Kids love this book a lot and it carries the kid into the fantasy world of the avengers.




You can purchase it from here.



This story book is about the cozy the softest musk in alaska. It narrates how during a snow storm cozy is seperated from his family and how he provides comfort to other animals around.




You can purchase it from here.

So, these are some of the storybooks for kids that you can purchase and spent great reading time with your toddlers and kids.

Himali Parikh
Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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