Is play school really a necessity for kids: think before deciding


is playschool necessary for kids
is playschool necessary for kids

Today I really want to discuss this issue, which i feel is pretty serious. I think that we all should give some thought to this situation. All of us parents are really keen on our child’s development. We are ready to do anything and everything possible to help our child achieve a great future. But, most of us tend to put the children into this race way too much early. Most of the parents start enrolling our kids into playschool at a very early age of 1.5-2 years. At this age the kid might not even have learned to say proper full sentences in their own language. Then do you think that these kids will be able to communicate to you what happened with him in the play school properly. On one side we talk about kids safety and the pressures that a kid has to face. And on the other side we ourselves enroll our kids into the play group. Don’t you think that is also a kind of pressure on kids. So, Is play school really a necessity for kids: think before deciding

Is play school really a necessity for kids: think before deciding

Today i will discuss with you the reasons on is playschool really a necessity for kids. Here are a few reasons why parents feel it is necessary to enroll the kid in a play school

  • Parents feel that their kid will lag behind
  • Both the parents are busy
  • Need to develop social skills in the kid
  • The kid is overactive and need to engage the kid

Parents feel that their kid will lag behind

All parents want to see their kids excel and top in each and every field. So, they tend to put their kids into the education system and other classes at an early age. They feel that by enrolling their kid into a play school, they will help their kids in learning a lot of new things before other kids and the faster they learn, the more genius they will become.

Both the parents are busy

In most of the families today both the parents are doing a full time job. Part of it is because the parents want to provide each and every material comfort to the kid. In metro cities like Bombay, Bangalore and other cities due to increased inflation and increase in basic tuition and school fees it becomes a necessity for both the parents in order to provide good education and living to the kids. So, these parents either tend to leave their kid with grandparents or put the kid in a daycare or play school.

Need to develop social skills in the kid

Many parents have only one kid and they might also be living in a nuclear family. So, they feel that they need to enroll the kid into a playschool in order to develop social skills like sharing and playing with other kids in their little one.

The kid is overactive and need to engage the kid

Sometimes the kids are hyperactive. The kid might be needing constant attention and will be keeping the parents constantly on toes. So, the parents feel that if they enroll their kid in a play group, the kid will be in a more formal and structured environment for education and will become well mannered. Also, the parents want to get some free time from the kid.

Think! Before taking this decision

Over here I am not contradicting any parents decisions nor I am saying that the parents who enroll their kid in a play school are wrong in their decision. But, I want the parents to think for multiple times before taking this decision. Think about is playschool really a necessity for the kids or are you just following the trend.

If you are feeling that your child will lag behind in studies, then you are making a mistake. Kids brains are highly adaptive and can grasp anything very easily. So, your kid will not lag behind.

If you feel that your kid will not develop necessary social skills, then let me tell you, your kids will make friends and will develop all these social skills at home also.

If your kid is hyperactive and sometimes out of control, then all the kids tend to behave that way at some or the other time. You can also well discipline your kid at home. The kids usually have the tendency to understand you, if talked to them.

What you just need to do is spend some time with your kid, get some nice preschool books and other Montessori material and spend some time with your kid every day on that and within a few months you will see that your kid is excelling in all the activities.

We have to enroll our kids in school at the age of three. That is a compulsion. Then why to enroll them in play school before. There are many other ways that you can keep your kid entertained and happy.


Himali Parikh
Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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