How to burp a baby: 7 easy ways to soothe a colicky baby


When the baby is born, the parents are also born. Before, it is just the couple and then after the birth of the baby they evolve as parents. Just like the baby, the parents also have to learn a lot of things. Some of these things are like how to change the baby’s diaper, different ways to breastfeed a baby and discovering which works the best for the mother and the baby both. One such similar thing is burping a baby. Here in this blog we are discussing on different ways how to burp a baby.

Why does the baby burp ?

Before understanding how to burp a baby, let us understand why the babies need to be burped. There are various reasons for this. These reasons are as follows

  • Allergic reactions to some food
  • Air swallowing
  • Digestion

Allergic reactions to some food

Till the time the baby breastfeeds, the food that mother eats enters the baby’s system through the mother’s milk. The baby may be allergic to some or many of these foods and hence the baby gets gas. The gas might get trapped in the baby’s tiny winy stomach. So, it is very necessary that the baby should burp in order to remove this gas from the baby’s stomach.

Air swallowing

When the baby is breastfeeding or bottle feeding some air goes into the mouth of the baby. It happens more for the bottle fed babies. This air gets trapped in the baby’s intestines and may cause gas and colic. Also, if the baby eats too fast a lot of air enters the baby’s stomach. When the baby is too hungry, he or she tends to swallow, the milk faster. Also, if the mother has high flow of milk, the baby tends to gulp down milk faster and air enters the baby’s gut system. You can also try various breastfeeding positions to slow down the milk letdown and stop the baby from becoming colicky.


As said earlier, whatever the mother eats enters the baby’s stomach via breastfeeding. Some of these foods may cause gas in baby’s stomach and hinder with the process of digestion. The bacteria in the baby’s intestine turn some foods into gas. Foods that cause gas in adults also cause gas in baby’s. These foods include Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage, soda, sugar free products and gums.

So, these are the reasons why baby needs to be burped. Burping a baby is a tedious task and needs lot of patience. So, lot of new parents have the query on how to burp a baby. So, let us talk about different ways to burp a baby.

How to burp a baby?

Burping a baby is one of the techniques that both the parents must learn once the baby is born. A lot of newborn babies are colic babies and may cry a lot or are uncomfortable the entire day due to colic pain. Burping helps soothe these baby’s. As a result, the process of burping a baby after a feed is an important part of feeding a baby. Here are a few ways on how to burp a baby.

  • Over the shoulder burp
  • Sitting on the lap burp
  • Burp on the arm
  • Knee to chest burp
  • Massage burp
  • Bounce out the burp
  • Face down across lap

Over the shoulder burp

over the shoulder burping
over the shoulder burping

Over the shoulder burp is done in the following manner

  • Hold the baby in a way that the chin is resting on your shoulder
  • Place your one hand under the baby’s bottom
  • Pat the baby’s back with other hand

Sitting on the lap burp

sitting on the lap burping
sitting on the lap burping

This style has to be carried out in the following manner

  • Sit the baby on your lap with the baby facing away from you
  • With one hand support the baby’s body, back and neck.
  • With other hand gently pat and rub the back of your baby

Burp on the arm

burp on arm
burp on arm
  • Take the baby stomach down on one of your hand with the stomach against the arm
  • Pat the baby’s back gently

Knee to chest burp

knee to chest burp
knee to chest burp
  • Place the baby on a bed or any flat surface resting its back
  • Bend both the baby’s legs from the knee and till the chest.
  • This pressurizes the tummy a bit and the baby burps

Massage burp

massage burp
massage burp
  • Lay the baby stomach down on bed with the baby’s head tilted sideways
  • Place the baby’s body on slight incline
  • Give gentle pressure on baby’s spine with one hand
  • With other hand gently rub the baby’s back till the baby’s shoulder blades
  • Repeat the same process

Bounce out the burp

  • In this method you have to use the exercise ball
  • Sit on the ball, holding the baby in one hand and supporting his neck and had with the other hand.
  • Bounce up and down on the ball

Face down across lap position

face down across lap burp
face down across lap burp
  • The baby should be facing down lying on your knees
  • Lay the baby at right angle to your body.
  • Support the baby’s head and neck with one hand.
  • The baby’s body should be slightly tilted.
  • Massage the baby’s back with your other hand.

When to burp your baby ?

When you are feeding your baby, you should burp the baby as often as you can and after feeding the baby. If you are breastfeeding your kid then burp the baby when you switch the breasts and once you are done feeding the baby. If you are bottle feeding the baby burp your baby every one or two ounces of milk.

Do we need to burp bottle fed babies more than breastfed babies ?

Both bottle fed and breastfed babies need to be burped. But, bottle fed babies need to be burped more. Breastfed babies tend to swallow less air compared to bottle fed babies. For bottle fed babies you can use anti colic bottles, that are designed to decrease the amount of air the baby swallows. Also, check the hole in the nipple of the bottle is right size for the age of the baby.

So, here are few tips on how to burp a baby and all the other things you should be careful about while feeding.


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