Breast and Nipple Care During Pregnancy and breastfeeding: Care of your Nipples and Breasts during Pregnancy and During Breastfeeding

Most of us do not know how to take care of our nipples during pregnancy and during breastfeeding. Here we are discussing a bit about it.


Breastfeeding is considered to be the most important part of motherhood. Lots of foods are said to increase the milk flow and help in breastfeeding. We have also discussed positions to breastfeed your baby that help in easily feeding the baby and help in developing the mother-child bond. But, a lot of times we also need to know that we should be taking good care of our body during pregnancy and afterward. You also need to take good care of our nipples and breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding for effective breastfeeding. Here are a few tips on how to take care of your breasts during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

breast massage
breast massage

During pregnancy

The process of lactation starts during the beginning of pregnancy itself. As a result of which, the women’s breast starts to engorge and become larger. The breast and the nipple area also become a lot more sensitive. The nipples also become dry sometimes. The nipples and the area around them may crack. A breast massage with olive oil or moisturizer from good companies like Mom’s Co. does a great deal of good. The doctor’s also may advise some women to do a little breast massage after the second trimester. This not only takes care of the dryness in the nipples and the breast area. But, also helps if a woman has inverted nipples.

How to do a breast massage during pregnancy?

There is a particular technique in which you should be doing the message. Take some olive oil or moisturizer at the tip of your fingers and rub around the nipples in a circular motion. Then pull the nipples outwards. Do this for just five minutes. But, do check with your physician first, because in doing so, it may also stimulate labor for some ladies. So, it is better to talk with your gynecologist first.

Also, you should strictly stick to cotton undergarments. Wearing undergarments made of other than cotton material stick to the skin and create dampness, which may lead to rashes.

During breastfeeding

Breastfeeding provides a lot of bonding between the mother and the baby. But, this also creates a lot of suction and vacuum around the mother’s nipples and the breasts. So, this provides a little wear and tear to the breasts and the nipples. You do not need to care too much about your nipples. But, there are chances that there might be the manifestation of germs on your nipples. So, it is necessary to clean your nipples before and after feeding. This is how you can take care of it.

How to take care of your breasts during breastfeeding?

cleaning nipples
cleaning nipples
  • Before and after the feed clean and wipe your nipples with lukewarm water and clean cloth. After finishing feeding, do the same way. This will clean the saliva from the breasts and reduce the risk of bacterial infection.
  • If you have cracked nipples, squeeze your breasts, remove some breast milk and apply on that area. This will rejuvenate the skin around the nipples, but, if the sore nipples are painful and preventing you from your comfort zone during breastfeeding, then you need to consult your gynec. She may prescribe some antibiotic cream that you can apply. If you are applying medicated cream, make sure you clean your nipples before feeding your baby.
  • Make sure that your body, especially the breast area does not get exposed to any type of makeup, perfumes or cosmetic products. If they are exposed, then, make sure to clean the nipples and the breast thoroughly before feeding the baby.
  • During breastfeeding wear cotton, skin friendly maternity bras. Do not wear silk polyester or any other material bra. This may cause dampness and rash.
  • Do not wash your nipples with soapy water regularly. This may cause dryness in the skin and can cause cracked nipples and worsen the situation.

Here are a few tips on how to take care of your nipples and breasts during pregnancy and after. Also, if you feel that your nipples are inward, then feel free to consult a lactation consult during your pregnancy. He or she will help you with it.

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