Tips to keep your baby warm in the winter season


It is the month of December and the winter season is in full swing. And as a new mom and dad, you really are trying to figure out how to keep your baby warm in the winter season. All of us want to keep our kid safe during the cold and keep the kid hay and healthy. As parents, we may tend to over layer the kid with warm clothes, which is really not advisable as the baby will not be comfortable. Sometimes, you may also end up under layering the kid and making the kid wear really light clothes. This is also not advisable as the baby might feel really cold. So here are a few tips to keep your baby warm in the winter season

Tips to keep your baby warm in the winter season

When you are a new parent, it becomes very difficult to make the right decision whether the kid is really cold and the amount of clothing you should put on the kid. First of all when you come back home check the feet of the baby. The feet should not be really cold and the stomach of the baby should be warm. If the feet are cold and the stomach is also cold, that means your baby is feeling cold. If the stomach is hot then it means that the baby is hot and a layer of the clothing should be removed. Make sure that when you are inside the house the baby should not be heavily over layered. Here are a few tips to keep the baby warm in the winter season.

  • Keep the baby’s nursery warm
  • Do stay inside
  • Add plus one layer to the baby
  • Bundle up the baby
  • Make the baby gear comfortable and warm
  • Moisturize your baby’s skin
  • Getting the baby ready for sleep

Keep the baby’s nursery warm

baby nursery thermometer
baby nursery thermometer

In the winter season, especially when it is snowing, it gets really cold outside and inside the house also. At that time you may want to keep the temperature of the baby’s room or nursery warm and comfortable. You may use portable heaters or switch on the heater of your house. But, make sure that the room does not get too hot. The babies who get really hot are at a higher risk of SID. So, how to check the temperature of the baby’s nursery. You can install the baby room thermometers.

But, with portable heaters also make sure that you keep it out of reach of your infant, once they start crawling. Also, remember to set the temperature of the heaters near to 20 degrees or less than that. The ideal would be between 16 – 20 degrees.

Stay inside

When you have an infant in the house, the best way to keep the baby warm is to limit going outside and stay at home. At home, you will have more resources to check if your baby is cold or hot. Also, the temperature inside the house is higher than the temperature outside. So, it is better to stay inside and manage things.

Of course, with winter comes the season of holidays. So, you cannot always stay at home. But, you can make good and better choices and plan accordingly to go outside, when the temperature is not too low or when it is a bit sunny outside.

Add plus one layer of clothing to the baby

add one extra layer of clothing
add one extra layer of clothing

The best way to figure out how to dress the baby in winter is to put one layer extra on the baby then what you are wearing. For example, if you are wearing a top, jeans and a light sweater, then make your baby wear a full-sleeved bodysuit, a light sweater and jacket over it. It is simple that the babies feel more cold then us.

Bundle up the baby

bundle up the baby
bundle up the baby

When you are going outside in the winter season, the baby should be wearing two to three layers of clothes extra. Maybe you should consider putting on a full sleeved onesie with feet covers, a light sweater, then layer the baby with a heavy jacket or coat and then cover the bub with a blanket. If the clothes that the baby is wearing does not cover the baby’s feet, then a warm pair of socks and shoes is a good option.

When you are layering up your little one do not forget the cap to cover the head and the mittens for the baby’s hands. So, the baby should be fully bundled up in warm clothes, when you are going out. When, at home of course you can remove some of the layers of clothing.

Make the baby gear comfortable and warm

baby in carseat during winter
baby in carseat during winter

It is a must to use car seats and most of us use strollers. So, we should be very careful while putting on the winter wear on the baby. While, strapping the baby  in a car seat puffy jackets and snowsuits make the belts very loose or slippery. If you are covering your baby with a blanket, make sure that the blanket is not under the seat belts, as this may lead the seat belt to slip and become a potential hazard for the baby. The baby should be properly placed and the seat belt fastened securely, then place the blanket over the baby.

Sometimes, you also want to take the baby out for a stroll in a stroller. At that time the infant stroller bags are highly comfortable and good to use. These stroller bags are lined with fleece and have openings at the bottom that allow straps to be slipped in fitted easily. The top layer can be zipped to control the temperature.

Moisturize your baby’s skin

When the winter approaches, the baby’s skin tend to lose the moisture and become very dry and itchy. You can use baby lotion, to moisturize your baby’s skin daily. There are various good brands of moisturizers used for the baby. You can check which one suits your baby and apply it regularly on baby’s skin.

Baby massage oils are also used to moisturize the baby’s skin. They are totally organic and give very good results.

Getting the baby ready for sleep

getting baby ready for sleep
getting baby ready for sleep

Getting the baby ready for sleep is also an important part of the days routine to keep the baby warm. Loose blankets to cover the baby are a big no. Do not make a mistake of placing a loose blanket in the baby’s crib. The baby might put the blanket on its face and get suffocate. Also, it is better to keep the baby a little on the cooler side, then overheating the baby.

Just put on a full sleeved PJ or onesie, that has foot cover also, hat , mittens and a light sweater. Then you can swaddle the baby in a cotton cloth or a warm sleeping bag.

So, these are a few tips for keeping the baby warm during the winter season. But, make sure that the baby is not overheated.


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