Smart baby monitors: 5 best smart baby monitors of 2021


All the parents want to take care of their baby and stay close to him or her. But, every time. So, audio baby monitors were discovered. After the baby arrives the parents need to work hard. Sometimes, if both the parents are working then, the parent also needs to take some time and rest. At that time, they have to leave the baby alone in their nursery. So, even if the parents are relaxing they are constantly worried about their baby. With the help of audio baby monitors, people were able to hear the noise of their baby with the help of two audio monitoring units. But, the discovery did not stop there and now cameras are added to it making it more like video monitoring cameras like video baby monitors or smart baby monitors.

What are the benefits of using smart baby monitors?

The smart baby monitors become the extra pair of eyes and ears for their kids. There are various benefits of using smart baby monitors. The first and foremost thing is that you can control it with your voice. The parents can pair it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and then give a voice command. 

You will also have peace of mind when you are not at home. Also, the best smart baby monitors will automatically alert you when your baby is awake, what is the temperature of the room, and a lot more. 

With baby monitor cameras you can also keep an eye on your baby when you are away. The baby monitor camera will act as a security camera for your home. You will be able to see live footage of your baby on your smartphone. You can also store the footage on your mobile for viewing it later. 

The parents can also monitor more than one child on the same app. Some apps can monitor different cameras configured in the same app. You can also get an idea of how much sleep your child is getting and you can get an insight into how to improve your child’s sleeping pattern. Smart baby monitors can be of huge help to keep your baby safe and sound. Some monitors can also measure the child’s heart rate. 

What to look for when buying a smart baby monitor?

Smart baby video monitors will not offer you to store videos of the past. Watching your child grow minute by minute in front of you is the most essential thing in your life. So, the smart baby monitor will not store the entire video. But, it will just store a few clips of the video when your child is awake and showing some activity. Here are a few points that you need to look for when buying a smart baby monitor

  • The high-end baby monitors are connected to the internet and hence, you can make settings on how much sound the monitor should make when your baby is awake or in discomfort. 
  • Baby monitors also alert you when the temperature of the baby’s room goes too high or too low. 
  • You can also watch the baby on a tablet, mobile, or laptop by pairing it over wifi with the baby monitor. With some of the baby monitors, you can also share them with other members of the family by adding them to the sharing list.
  • You should also check for the sound quality to know whether it is proper or not.

List of 5 smart baby monitors to look for

Various companies have made baby monitors. But, here is the list of the 5 best smart baby monitors that you can think of buying for your baby in the year 2021.

  • iBaby smart wifi baby monitor
  • Project Nursery Smart speaker with Alexa and smart baby Monitor system
  • Nanit Plus smart baby monitor with stand
  • Lollipop smart baby monitor with camera
  • Sense-U video baby monitor

iBaby smart Wi-Fi baby monitor

iBaby M2C pro smart baby monitor
  • It is the pro version of the M2C smart baby monitor.
  • The iBaby has been dedicated to the improvement of a baby monitor system for more than 10 years and has everything that any parent would want in a baby monitor. 
  • Has the most sophisticated features like lullaby singer, Twitter sharing, multiple sharing of the screen, baby timeline, and other amazing features. It also has an HD speaker system.
  • The speaker system has a copyrighted collection of more than 1000 soothing music and lullabies. 
  • It is easy to use which comes with a strong adhesive system that can get attached to any flat surface. So, it is easy to use without any drilling.
  • It is risk-free. If you face any problem with the monitor you can contact the customer care service within 24 hours and the company will respond as soon as possible.




You can purchase it from here.

Project Nursery Smart speaker with Alexa and smart baby Monitor system

Project Nursery baby monitor
  • World’s first Alexa enabled baby monitor system easily accessible on Alexa app and two-way monitor system.
  • The monitor is enabled by wifi and helps to keep an eye on the baby with the help of the Amazon app paired with Alexa. You can also have a two-way conversation with the baby.
  • You can use the Alexa enabled smart speaker to move the camera, play lullabies, and different soothing music.
  • The best features include hi-definition video quality, infrared night vision, motion detection, and temperature detection with quick alerts sent on your smartphone.




You can purchase it from here.

Nanit Plus smart baby monitor with floor stand

Nanit plus smart baby monitor
  • With this baby thermometer you can always be connected to your baby. You can have a bird’s eye view on your baby with the wall mounted smart monitor. Speak to the baby on the two way audio system and receive realtime smart audio notification. 
  • The monitor provides you with the sleeping statistic of the baby and a relapse video will help you go through your baby’s previous night in a jiffy.
  • The Nanit memories program captures your baby’s special moments straight away into the Nanit app. You can celebrate the fun moments with the family and share them with the extended family.
  • With the help of 256 bit encryption system your data is totally safe with the company.
  • This monitor has won a number of awards.




You can purchase it from here.

Lollipop smart baby monitor with camera

lollipop smart baby monitor
  • Designed for parents with newborn and toddlers.
  • It is a wifi enabled video monitor that can help you keep an eye on your little one.
  • Helps you track your baby’s sleeping pattern and redevelop it if necessary.
  • Has multi-streaming features that helps you not miss any part of your baby’s life. You can add multiple cameras to it.
  • can identify baby crying with about 96% accuracy.
  • With the audio mode you can hear the baby while your are doing your daily chores.
  • Advanced infrared night vision helps you view your baby even in darkness.
  • Has a built in camera and bendable leg to get view of the entire crib.
  • It is made up of non-toxic material.




You can purchase it from here

Sense-U Video baby monitor

Sense-U Video baby monitor
  • The Sense-U Video camera streams a high quality HD video at an angle of 140 degree that will help you view your baby in any angle you like. 
  • It tracks your baby’s movements and notifies you when your baby needs you. The 2-way interaction system helps you interact with your baby over voice command. 
  • This monitor is a one-time purchase that covers all your costs.
  • Monitor’s your baby’s vitals while giving you an HD view of your baby.
  • Multiple numberof cameras are supported at the same time.




You can purchase it from here.

So, this is the list of the smart baby monitor’s that you should consider while deciding to purchase one for your own baby. If you know of anything else, please do let us know in the comments section.

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Himali is Parenting Blogger and founder of She had done M.S in Molecular biology from University of New Haven (US) and was working with various Pharma companies. She had started this motherhood and baby care blog for helping other mothers.

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